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Marie Kondo made us get rid of everything. Now she is selling us crystals.

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On New Year's Day 2019, the audience that saw Netflix woke up with the launch of the documentary series. Tidy up with Marie Kondo, and the canon of New Year's resolutions has a new incorporation: to get rid of anxiety, live the moment and be your best self, all you need to do is get rid of most of your shit.

The show inspired a tide of tidiers following Kondo's instructions to get rid of any item in his possession that did not "provoke joy." "Kondo-ing" entered the vernacular, and second-hand stores began to overflow with shipwrecked Kondo. But now, a scandalous new development in the Kondo saga raises a question: Did the organization's guru convince us to get rid of everything in order to sell us new things?

I am very excited to present the store in KonMari. Many people have asked me what I use in my daily life. This online store is a collection of my favorite things and articles that arouse joy. Buy now at https://t.co/2wzvoW1jqS, but don't buy too much. 😉 pic.twitter.com/odfBhQLT3l

– Marie Kondo (@MarieKondo) November 19, 2019

That's right, just in time for the holiday season, you can log in to Konmari.com and examine more than 100 items that Kondo says to bring his joy and maybe do the same for you. Contrary to what we all thought when we were throwing aspirational attire, treasures earned with effort and irreplaceable memories, the point, apparently, was not to reduce, but to replace. "My method of ordering is not about getting rid of things, it's about increasing your sensitivity to what makes you happy," Kondo writes in a blog post that introduces his new store.

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But on the website, increasing your sensitivity seems suspiciously to align your taste with hers. Is your sensitivity high enough to enjoy a $ 75 leather case to store business cards or clips? How about a $ 175 compost container to give those rotten apple cores a luxurious atmosphere? "The goal of ordering is to leave space for significant items," reads the store's home page. While some may find meaning in tuning forks and crystals, it is harder to imagine that "meaning" is the main reason one would invest in a $ 60 food storage container.

Perhaps it should not surprise that Kondo has entered the retail game. The author of the self-help book graduated from empire construction in 2016 when she began offering $ 2,000 seminars to certify consultants on her method. She was already trying to sell us her own brand of storage boxes from last year. And "buy less" has never been a KonMari brand principle. She doesn't touch the consumer culture or talk about the environmental and climatic impacts of accumulating mountains of garbage that we don't need and then sending everything to a landfill. In light of his new company, Kondo's allergic avoidance of these issues makes much more sense.

Some have argued that using the Kondo method to purge excess material is necessary to clear the way for more intentional and sustainable purchases. Some items in the Kondo store suggest a wasted lifestyle, like these $ 20 reusable cotton rounds. But those cotton pads are just … cotton. Instead of buying them, why not take the shirt that no longer produces a shiver of emotion in your spine, cut it into small circles and use them to rub some toner on your face? The environmentally friendly option is always to use / use / consume the things you have until the last thread, or give them to someone else who does. If Kondo only sold DIY reuse tips instead of crumb brushes, that would be a real game changer.

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