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Man Dies Of Nail Biting Habit; Doctors Issue Warning To Others

A nail biting perpetual died because of his nervous habit after multiple warnings from your doctor.

John Gardener, 40, had a nail biting problem so serious contracted a septic infection that spread through his fingers and eventually caused a heart attack.


gardener doctors say biting fingers until they bled. His fingers were so badly damaged by the habit before his death that became insensible reports New York Daily News.

Gardener general practitioner, Dr. Daniel Vernon, said fingers were in “constant disrepair.”

“John nails were always in poor condition, and were often bleed when he got to the doctors,” Vernon said the mirror.


gardener probably was fueled by anxiety and depression, which had in the years before his death. I was diabetic, which made it more prone to infections.


gardener became a medical emergency when one of his fingers got infected. Doctors first treated with intravenous antibiotics, but decided that the tip of his finger had to be removed.

After surgery, gardener showed signs of improvement. But days after his 40th birthday, he had a sudden heart attack. Doctors believe was caused by infection in the finger.

Ng Chye orthopedic surgeon said he was shocked by the death of gardener.

“The death of Juan gardener was very disturbing and shocking for the whole team,” he said.



John, Jean gardener, was in disbelief when he first heard the news that her son had died.

“It was a tragedy, we are all in shock,” he said. “It’s really swatted our family, could not have been more to do to help I would not want this to happen to someone else’s child -.. It’s just devastating,”

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