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Man Bites Into KFC Chicken, Turns Out It’s Actually A Lung!!!

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Marc Nichols entered KFC to buy a regular meal of chicken, but it looks like he got more than he expected. He ordered chicken breast, but only after the first bite I knew there was something off with your meal. Once she took a bite saw the gray, brain tissue and which proved to be a lung chicken. Man Bites Into KFC Chicken

The man who got arrested this unpleasant surprise in Labrador KFC for a quick lunch and decided to order Table 3 piece consisted of 2 wings and a piece of chicken breast for $ 12.50. He never suspected what was actually in the box until he took the first bite of the breast and looked at the piece of meat. Disgusted by the sight spat out the piece of food and complained to staff who advised her to call customer service. KFC spokesman said it was probably a piece of chicken lung or kidney, which mistakenly not eliminated in the preparation of food. He was not even offered a refund or replacement of a meal.

KFC have to get their act together, because of complaints like this are flying around the world, especially in the last month. In New Zealand a customer found the egg fly its KFC popcorn chicken just last month.

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Furthermore, in Wellingborough, England, another woman discovered that her food KFC chicken was full of guts and raw raw intestines. He saw some purple spots and put it aside, finding that raw raw entrails and offal have fallen into the meat.

Marcos is surprised at this incident and declared that never again KFC again. others to be careful with their meals as well as it can happen to them also are warned. It turns out that when you really get junk food eat JUNK!

It is not unusual for the remains to find their way into your food, although usually is eliminated in the preparation process can still occur occasionally, spokesman KFC after the incident in Australia . He also added that these remains are not a health hazard and are completely safe for your customers. It may be safe, but it sure is disgusting, even though we are not quite sure how the larvae and raw intestines are safe for us



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