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Man accidentally exploits the entire lawn trying to get rid of cockroach infestation

A The man in Brazil suffered the shock of his life when he ended up accidentally exploding his entire lawn in a desperate attempt to get rid of a cockroach infestation in his backyard.

César Schmitz and his wife were so frustrated by the invasion of insects in their garden that César decided that the only way to eliminate them was to set fire to the grass.

However, he did not anticipate how intense his efforts would be after throwing some gasoline into the hole just in case.

The home security images from last Friday (October 18) show the moment when the explosion swept the ground, completely destroying the lawn well groomed, sending huge pieces of land and the garden table flying in the air, while two petrified dogs shot out.

Fortunately (and perhaps miraculously), no one was injured in the incident, although César did realise Things could have been much worse for him.

Cesar, a 48-year-old truck driver from Aeneas Marquis in southern brazilHe said his wife had begged him to solve its bug problem.

No thanks. Credit: PANo thanks. Credit: PA

He said: "My wife complained that there were many cockroaches invading our garden.

"She is afraid of them and begged me to destroy her nest underground once and for all."

At first, he tried to use a poisonous spray to kill the beetles, but the pests were simply startled by the product and began to emerge in their burrows from their burrow.

This is when Caesar took a more drastic approach, lighting a match to set fire to the hole, and also throwing himself in a cap full of gasoline.

He even had to step forward on the grass three times to throw lit matches in the hole, and the first two attempts were unsuccessful.

Seconds after its third attempt, the plan fails quite dramatically, like methane gas contained in the insect repellent (which preserves and adds pressure to the product), it had accumulated in lethal doses in an airbag under the lawn.

That gas-filled lid obviously only added to combustion.

It is certainly a way to get rid of cockroaches. Credit: PAIt is certainly a way to get rid of cockroaches. Credit: PA

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The flame ignited the gases and exploded everything in its path, leaving Caesar watching with horror the extent of the damage.

Added: "I wish I had thought about it before. I had no idea that this could happen. Fortunately, the damage was only contained in the grass.

"If I had been closer or the table had hit me, it could have been fatal."

Local police confirmed have initiated an investigation into the incident after examining the recording, but They said they did not foresee any charges for endangering lives.

César, meanwhile, admitted that he is still cleaning up the mess and said he will have to replant his lawn.

However, cockroach infestation has already been resolved, so swings and roundabouts, huh?

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