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Make Your Own Pine Needles Syrup For Strong Immune System And Healthy Lungs


The syrup of pine needles is very good for the lungs during breathing problems, lung irritation or bronchitis. Improves the immune system and protects against colds and flu.

How to prepare?

What we need – To prepare this syrup will have to collect light green pine needles fresh. The amount should be decided by you depending on how big you want to prepare a bottle. In addition to the pine needles also you need a jar of homemade honey.

How should I prepare -? First you need to wash their hands, then put them on a clean towel to dry. You should leave in the towel for at least 24 hours, and then begin their preparation. Get a glass jar and start organizing a needle row honey thin layer on top, which again the row of needles and honey on top, repeating until you reach 3-4 cm before the top of the jar. The last layer should be honey. The bottle should be tightly closed and left in a warm place. This mixture should be left in the bottle for 40 days, while stirring daily. After 40 ap day has passed open the bottle and pour the mixture. Now we have healthy syrup made of pine needles should be stored in the refrigerator, and expiration date is soon. The syrup can be consumed several tablespoons a day at a specific time line.

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