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Make Your Own Homemade Lotion from Hand lotion to DIY Body Lotion

A lot and lot of options are available in the market when it comes to body lotions, but Have you ever even considered a home lotion They can become as effective as a store bought lotions to keep your skin vibrant and healthy. Not lotions purchased in stores are “bad” but that may contain chemicals that can be harmful to the skin in the long run and the worst is that you may not even know it! If you do not have enough time and desire to make your own lotion homemade is not much, but here are some tips that can help make your own lotion personal DIY .

This creamy homemade moisturizer will repair dry skin after the long winter, but is light enough to carry all the way through the hot summer comes. The homemade lotion recipe is quiet simple.

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Natural body lotion recipe and ingredients

  • Get a cup full of pure aloe gel vera, a cup of water, or can also take herbal tea-strong prepared.
  • Half cup beeswax should be shredded.
  • One tablespoon oil vitamin E.
  • Half a cup of almond, grapeseed or some jojoba oil.
  • 14-16 drops of essential oil. It will be better if the pure essential oil is used in the process of making a homemade lotion for dry skin .
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Homemade Lotion

homemade lotion to repair your dry skin!

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DIY instructions for making homemade lotion

  • Take a medium sized bowl and put some aloe vera gel in it and then add the oil vitamin E and essential oils. Now place the bowl aside for later, and wait until it reaches room temperature. Sometimes also it helps to establish this in a hot water bath to get closer to the temperature of the mixture of oil or wax is added to. This helps to emulsify.
  • Add the grated beeswax and oil in a glass measuring cup. Place the measuring cup in a small cup of water and bring the water to a simmer state. Heat, stirring occasionally, until the beeswax is completely melted and then you have to carefully remove the measuring cup from the pot.

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  • Pour beeswax or oil mixture in a blender and let cool. Move to the next stage when it has cooled, but still has to be smooth.
  • Once cooled, Turn blender on low. Then you have to remove the lid of the blender and put the mixture of aloe vera in a slow steady stream to homemade lotion .
  • Stop the blender with the frequency necessary to run a spatula around the sides to incorporate the ingredients. If the liquid is coming on top, frequently stop to push around using a spatula. (This step in making body lotion DIY may take 10-15 minutes, but patience is key!) Continue mixing until the desired consistency is reached and desired.
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Transfer moisturizer DIY to a clean and refrigerate any party will not be used in a few weeks jar.

Making your own homemade lotion is not a big problem. So why does that cause damage to the skin, the use of such lotions that are full of chemicals? Resort to homemade lotions and see your skin glowing.

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