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Make Up Tips : How to Apply Concealer!


Corrector as the name suggests is used to hide the black spots, freckles, dark circles, etc. The first thing that comes to mind when hearing this word is how to apply concealer . We all want a clear and flawless skin look their best. However, dark circles, acnes, pigmentation, pores, etc. are the real obstacles to perfect radiant skin.

A checker can easily get rid of these skin problems temporarily, and look gorgeous. The concealer should be applied carefully and in a way step by step as discussed below.

How to apply concealer step by step?

How to Apply Concealer

Step 1: Identify your skin type

First, you need to understand your skin type and color.

  • Depending on the same, you must decide how to choose the corrector. It is always advisable to select a concealer that matches your skin tone. It gives a natural look rather than an artificial irregular and imperfect look.
  • Apply a little of this cosmetic on the face and see if it fits perfectly into the skin.
  • Applying concealer is an art and special care needs to be taken by him. However, always remember that in the case of pigmentation, birthmarks, and dark circles, always use a lighter shade of shadow, and masking them.
  • It is available in both liquid and powder form. The liquid form is usually to dry, scaly skin Recital powder form best suited for oily skin.

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Step 2: clean your face before applying a concealer

The second step is to clean the face before applying concealer.

  • Wash your face with a mild face wash and dry.
  • Now apply a moisturizer depending on the nature of the skin. Corrector form the foundation of any makeup.
  • If you have dark circles under the eyes, then it is important to understand, how to hide dark circles under the eyes.
  • Eyes are therefore the first area in which the correction should be applied. In the case of dark circles, always remember to select 1-2 lighter than your skin tone. This will help you achieve the perfect look and no unevenness.
  • eyes are delicate sensory organs and is essential to know how to apply eye concealer under the eyes. You can do this in any way :. Using fingertips or with the help of makeup brush
  • Take sufficient amount of concealer on the brush and gently rub under the eyes. Spread it evenly over the surface to completely cover. You should always start from the inside corner of the eyes low and move outward until dark circles are completely hidden. This is the method of how to apply concealer to dark circles.
  • Never wipe the bottom surface of the eye, as it can damage sensitive skin. Therefore, always understand the correct basic concepts as to how to apply concealer under the eyes. For the flawless look, apply a little powder on the crests of the nostrils or tip lines to achieve uniformity.
  • it is equally important to apply concealer around the eye brows and the base of the eyelids. If you have a brand or a black point in these regions, use a concealer and hide the marks. If the brand is distributed throughout the region, apply a primer and then dab the area with concealer powder. With a brush to spread evenly on the surface. Be very careful while spreading the corrector. The eye region has very soft skin and can be easily damaged. Never rub the surface.
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Step 3: Hide acnes and other brands Corrector Using

The next step is hide acnes and other marks on the face.

  • is important to understand where to apply concealer after applying eyes.
  • Take sufficient amount of concealer and apply it on the marks and stains. How to apply concealer imperfections explained below: –
  • Gently rub the concealer and spread with a makeup brush. It is better to give the inside out with the circular motion, while diffusion of aesthetics in the face. This is mixed to perfection.
  • to adjust better to apply a layer of foundation evenly across the face followed by a compact powder. This gives a uniform skin tone.
  • A corrector temporarily hide their brands. In due time of the day, to take effect and marks reappear. Therefore, for a more lasting effect applying powder compact little in the affected areas. This is how you can put in the corrector longer.

Therefore, to conclude, the corrector is an essential element for any make . Therefore, it needs to be properly applied to the composition out perfectly. The steps above are important to hide unwanted marks . Will get a flawless and radiant skin . Undoubtedly, this is a temporary method, but effective.

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