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Make a Bee Waterer and Hydrate the Pollinators!

Bees are hard working and tend to 2,000 flowers a day at the minimum. Its small wings beat 10,000 times per minute and carrying pollen are helpful for our food supply.It sounds exhausting, and bees get thirsty and need to drink water from safe water resources, and those resources are not always available .

bees drink shallow water. However, this type of water evaporates very quickly. Moreover, birdbaths are not an ideal choice, and bees are likely to drown if the water is too deep. When it comes to lakes and rivers, bees put their lives at risk in the presence of frogs, fish and other wildlife, and are also at risk of being swept away by the currents.

If you want to help bees and hydrate, you need to make a water feeder.

You can do this by putting marbles in a pan and then the water in it. Bees can land on the marbles and can drink water.

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Make a Waterer bee pollinators and moisturize! ..


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