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Magical Recipe for Varicose Veins and Thrombosis with Only 2 Simple Ingredients

it is women who are most affected by thrombosis and varicose veins .

They usually appear more in the ankles and legs. This is due to the layers of thick blood remained in the veins that obstruct proper blood flow to the heart. For this reason, capillaries and veins swell and become larger feet and legs to prepare heavy and blue in places affected.

In veins and capillaries no walls and valves. These walls stretch and move valves are opened and closed (not completely) when they are in a good state. When these two are damaged by various factors, coagulation is initiated to prevent proper blood flow to the heart. Because it not goes back and remains there in the vein valve.

magical recipe for varicose veins What causes varicose veins?

extends a lot of standing a lot of sitting, injuries, overweight, not exercising , bad habits, etc. We all know what is recommended for this condition is not? If you are right, the opposite of what is written above.

As you move clotting can seriously be a threat to his life. There are deep veins that we can not see and veins are superficial. The surface can be seen and treated easier, but the deep veins should be examined thoroughly and take seriously because if the smaller thrombi breaks off and starts in the bloodstream, it can cause fatal damage to the place that stop

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This condition can be successfully treated by doctors, but there is a beautiful nature around us everything we need to treat varicose veins given.

sheep’s milk and soap. As simple as that!

Here are the ingredients and procedure of the “magic recipe for beautiful looking legs.” No more thrombosis and varicose veins!


1 – A glass of milk sheep

2 – A baby soap


In a bowl, grind the soap and mix with milk. Apply this foaming creamer in veins tid. Soak a cloth if you want and apply on the veins. and keep it in the refrigerator! Be persistent and the results will be rewarded sooner than you think.

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