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Mad Scientist Injects Himself A 3.5 Million Year Old Permafrost Bacteria. The Results Are Shocking!

The controversial Russian scientist Anatoly says Brouchkov claims to have found the key to eternal life. It is injected himself with the infusion of microorganisms is 3.5 million years old.

As he says, these cells have become stronger, which has high strength and surprising vitality levels.

Furthermore, the tests in animals also showed that these cells increase physical activity and a strengthened immune system.


a healthy body is resisting better time than I did before

Professor Anatoli Broushkov, head of the Department Geocryology in Moscow State University, says that has not succumbed to the disease in two years since he began experiments on himself.

This bacteria 3.5 billion years old which is believed to be the key to improving longevity in humans is called “Bacillus F”. Russian researchers unblocked DNA and tested immediately in both mice and human cells. It came as a surprise when the teacher Burshkov decided to try this bacterium itself. Now, as a result of this bacterium, which has a strong and healthy body it is resisting better time than I did before.

The great secret of this bacteria is that it has survived for millions of years in the Arctic tundra of Siberia, which is considered as one of the most extreme places on Earth.

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permafrost has begun to melt due to global warming spread across Siberia, and according to the professor, who caused the bacteria to infiltrate the natural environment. As a result, the bacteria spread in the water supply of local populations.

From Professor Brouchkov was convinced that the people Yakut have been imbibing bacteria naturally over a certain period of time, and despite their harsh living conditions have increased longevity, it decided to inject the bacteria into itself. an exception in the case of bacteria Bacillius F. However, the decision to continue conducting scientific experiments in conditions in order to discover the impact and to identify possible side effects too was taken.

‘If we can find how the live bacteria remains that probably would be able to find a tool to extend our lives, “he said in an interview.

according to some scientists, this ancient bacteria can also be an integral factor in fertility and longevity in humans. A study was conducted in elderly female mice and injected Bacillius F. The results showed that the mice were able to reproduce after they were no longer able to. Moreover, this bacterium has the ability to cure plants.

Dr. Viktor Chernyavsky, Yakutsk epidemiologist claims to be close to discovering the Holy Grail and said: ‘. The bacteria gives the biologically active substances throughout their lives, which activates the immune status of experimental animals’

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