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Lower Cholesterol, Prevent Stroke and Lose Up to 10 Kg in 7 Days With This Unbelievable Apple Diet!

We’ve all heard the saying “ an apple a day keeps the doctor away “and you should know that is not to say that apples are one of the healthies fruits. Promote digestion and are rich in a number of nutrients that boost the immune system, prevent fat accumulation in the liver and protects against cancer.

Apples are one of the healthiest fruits in the world. cheap, readily available and can be used in many ways and for many purposes are. Apples are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, dietary fiber and contain no fat, sodium and cholesterol. They are consumed primarily for its health benefits, which are endless! Enhance the immune and neurological system, reduce the risk of stroke and diabetes, protect against cancer, reduce “bad” cholesterol, fight obesity, etc.

They are rich in vitamins A, B and C and organic acids such as apple, citric, formic and carbonic. Also they contain pectin, which is a very important nutrient when it comes to weight loss. Pectin in apples influences reducing calories and weakens the negative effect of carbohydrates. It is also essential for the preservation of the intestinal flora. According to research, 25g. pectin, increases daily weight loss of 0.3 kg.


This article will show how apples can help you lose 10 kg in a week.

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Day 1 – Apples – You can lose 1 to 2 kg

breakfast :. 3 small or 2 large apples, lemon juice and a handful of nuts

Lunch :. Salad with apples, onions and parsley

Cut 3 large apples into pieces and put into a bowl, then add 20 grams of chopped parsley and chopped fresh onions 30 grams. Mix the ingredients and put a boiled egg (cut into small pieces) on top of the salad.

Supper : 3 medium sized apples

Day 2 – Apples and rice – You can lose 1 to 1.5 kg

Breakfast: 3 blocks and boiled rice 1 cup without added salt

lunch : apples and rice

Wash apples, peel and cut into chunks. Pour hot water and let it soften. Then add the lemon juice. Rice is boiled separately. Grind the rice and apples together to get a porridge bowl.

Supper : 1 cup cooked rice without salt

Day 3 – Apples and cheese – You can lose up to 2 kg

Breakfast: 2 blocks and a half cup of cottage cheese, low-fat

Lunch: wash the apples and soak in a bowl of water with a splash lemon. A cup of low fat cottage cheese and add 2 teaspoons. honey and some nuts for flavor mix everything and add the apples in the end.

Cena: 50 grams. low-fat cheese cow

Day 4 – Apples and carrots – You can lose up to 2 kg

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Breakfast: 2 large carrots and 1 large apple. Grate, mix and eat together.

Lunch : Carrots and apples salad

Wash, peel and cut into chunks 1 large apple, 1 carrot. Add a teaspoon of honey and a little lemon.

Supper : 2 baked apples and 1 tablespoon honey

Day 5 – Carrots and beets – You can lose up to 2 kilos

Breakfast: 1 boiled carrot and 1 piece of boiled beets

lunch : 1 egg and 1 piece of boiled beets

Supper : Carrots in unlimited with a little honey for taste [19459004amounts]

Day 6 – apples – You can lose 1 to 2 kg

same menu as the first day!

Day 7 – Apples and rice – You can lose 1 to 1.5 kg

same menu as the second day!

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