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'Love hormone' has potential to make men more spiritual


“love hormone” oxytocin not only brings spark in their relationship, but also can make the most spiritual men, adopts meditation and connect with the higher self.

According to Duke University researchers, oxytocin, known for her role in promoting social bonding, altruism and more can also support spirituality.

in the study, men reported a greater sense of spirituality shortly after taking oxytocin and a week later.

Participants who took oxytocin also experienced more positive emotions during meditation, said lead author Patty Van Cappellen, social psychologist at Duke.

Spirituality and meditation have each been linked to health and wellness in previous research.

“were interested in understanding the biological factors that can enhance those spiritual experiences. Oxytocin appears to be part of the way our bodies support spiritual beliefs,” said Cappellen.

“Spirituality is complex and depends on many factors. However, oxytocin does not seem to affect the way we perceive the world and what we believe,” he added.

Study participants were all men, and the results apply only to men.

Overall, oxytocin works somewhat differently in men and women and their effects on women’s spirituality has yet to be investigated.

oxytocin is produced naturally in the body. Produced by the hypothalamus, which acts as a hormone and a neurotransmitter, which affects many brain regions.

is stimulated during sex, childbirth and breastfeeding.

Recent research has highlighted possible role in promoting oxytocin empathy, trust, social bonding and altruism.

to test how oxytocin might influence spirituality, researchers administered the hormone group and a placebo to another.

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Those who received oxytocin were more likely to say after that spirituality was important in his life and that life has meaning and purpose.

This was the case after taking into account whether the participant reported belonging to an organized religion or not.

participants who received oxytocin were also more likely to be seen as interconnected with other people and living things, giving higher ratings to statements such as “all life is interconnected” and “There is an upper plane consciousness or spirituality that unites all people. ”

study subjects also participated in a guided meditation.

Those who received oxytocin reported experiencing more positive emotions during meditation, including awe, gratitude, hope, inspiration, interest, love and serenity.

Oxytocin did not affect all participants equally, however.

“Its effect on spirituality was stronger among people with a particular variant of the CD38 gene, a gene that regulates the release of oxytocin neurons in the hypothalamus in the brain,” Cappellen said in an article published in the journal Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience.

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responsibility :. The ideas and opinions expressed by doctors are independent professional judgment and not take any responsibility for the accuracy of their views. This should not be considered as a substitute for medical advice. please consult your physician for more details.

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