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Lose Your Weight Without Starvation and Exercise: Lie Only 3X a Day For 5 Minutes, But in This Way!



You will never find easier and faster way of weight loss. It sounds too good to be true. Its form is no diet regimen, exercise and exhaust spending money.

This method is explained by the Japanese in his book that is released into nearly six million copies throughout Asia. Obviously, it is very famous.

The doctor states that a particular tool for rapid weight loss are not necessary. You will need a large towel, rope or tape to the towel roll, and the surface in three planes times for five minutes each day.

The method is very efficient and easy to implement. You do not have to do anything special, all you need to do is implement the procedure for 5 minutes each day and are in the proper position. Dr. Fukutsudzi is an expert for problems with the pelvic bone, and found that the main cause of fat in the abdominal section is the variance of the pelvic bones and bone subcostal …

When the connection between these two problems were revealed, he conceived this method to be a quick and easy way you can remove excess fat around your waist.

This is the procedure:

  1. Roll the towel and secure it with some tape
  2. Sit on the floor
  3. Apply the towel under your back level with her navel, and lie down (make sure the towel is slightly wider than the width of the back)
  4. Spread your legs, back and leg support, so that your thumbs touch.
  5. Extend arms over his head, and turn the palms down on the position where his two little fingers touch.

This is all you need to do. It may seem simple, but this position is not as comfortable as it looks.

If you are not able to reach the end of the hand, get as far as possible in the beginning, but make sure your thumbs on your feet are in contact.

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Lie in this position for five minutes three times a day.

At first it will be uncomfortable and painful, and if he could not stand the pain, apply treatment whenever possible.

Therefore, if you intend to have positive results, you should implement this “exercise” every day.

When you are finished with treatment, it should not rise fast. First, turn on any side while lying down, then sit for a while, and you’ll be ready to get up.

Warning :. If you are suffering from any ailment spine or bone, you should consult with your doctor before implementing this method

is not difficult, but at first feel uncomfortable or painful, because their bones begin to return to his natural position. If you could not implement this method for 5 minutes, you should start with the sessions of one or two minutes and increase the time gradually until you reach the 5 minutes required. If you like to have positive results, you should not miss one day. In fact, it is some kind of stretching.

If you put the towel under his chest, have the effect of lifting the chest.

If applied in the area below the ribs, waist will be more forceful.

Please note, because even after 5 minutes of lying in this position, bones and ankles become inflexible. Therefore one should avoid sudden movements after treatment. First, you lie on the side, and then sits for a while and then you can stand. Remember not to make any sudden movements.

Even if you are a skeptic, you have nothing to lose if you try. Do not forget to measure their volumes before the application of this treatment.

My experience with this method is large. I lost 2 cm in waist after the fifth day. I lost 2 cm below the breasts and 2 cm in the abdomen, and even won more in height 0.8 cm. You may can not believe, but you should try it!

also improve your posture that will make you feel healthier. Back pain is disabled.

Take a look at the video below which explains very well the treatment. One of the two girls involved lost 4 cm waist after the first treatment, and the other did not lose any volume on your waist, because it is grown in an amazing 1cm!

Watch the video Here .

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