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Lose Weight Just By Pressing This Point Near Your Ear

diet tables, treadmills, aerobics … sometimes, it becomes a pain in the ass (and literally in most parts of the body!) to lose weight.

Especially if you are a fan and can not control those desires luxury of eating a cheesecake and a roll of chicken at random times.

Slowly and gradually, their routine joint training becomes a nightmare. Intro: Acupressure ..

The good news is that besides relieve nausea, vomiting, low back pain and headache, acupressure is also useful in weight loss

it turns out that a simple technique acupressure can help control appetite and hunger, while at the same time, improve your digestion.

How, you ask?

spend a few minutes from your busy-pretending that it will be busy and place your thumb in front of the triangular tissue near his ear.

Now open and close the jaw and find a point that has the maximum movement.

This is the most active between the ear and jaw point.

Now Stop right there, press that point for at least one minute, and is already.

combine this technique with healthy eating habits and moderate exercise and see yourself losing weight naturally.

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