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Looking for a way to get rid of crows

DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Church of Our Lady of the Rescue at 119 Elm St in Mechanic Falls will sponsor a Christmas Fair on December 7 from 9 a.m. at 2 p.m. Sellers are welcome and tables can be rented for $ 20 each. Lunch will be available. For more information, call me at 345-3274. – Josie, there is no city

DEAR SOLAR POINTS: I am building a house on Ferry Road in an open and large field in Lewiston. Last week I went to check the house and discovered that there were thousands of crows in the field and also on the roof of my new house. How can I get rid of these birds? I'm afraid your stool will ruin the tiles. – Marcel, not town

ANSWER: This sounds like a scene from a very bad movie. Does anyone else in the area know about these birds and why would they be congregating in this particular field? Was this an agricultural field where a food crop was cultivated recently? When you started building, did you notice them? Many questions…

After being sure that the crows have not built nests in the gutters (if so, you will want to eliminate them), the solutions to consider include covering the roof with bird nets or using a sound device that duplicates the bird's distress call or the sounds of predators. Unfortunately, it is loud and you should use it for a while for crows to capture the hint.

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Another option is an ultrasonic device that will not bother you or your pets, but will disorient crows enough that they want to leave. Another product (from Nixalite.com) uses the reflection of sun and wind to deter flocks of birds. Again, you may need some.

At Amazon, you can find mechanical owls that use solar and wind energy to make movements that look real (Dalen Gardeneer 100055888 Gardeneer by Dalen Solar Action Owl Natural Scarecrow Device, 18 inches), but most likely you need several.

Another solution is to apply strips of low-voltage electrical diodes specific to birds placed along the areas where the birds normally perch. Even if they can move, supposedly the blows will cause the birds to avoid the entire area but will not cause them any harm. These strips are available at pest control companies.

A similar idea is to install bird tips in the hanger areas.. These are strips of small, thin rods that stick together and are made of plastic or steel. Bird ears are particularly effective when protecting narrow areas such as canals and cornices. They can be purchased at gardening and home improvement stores.

There is something called bird spider, also known as 360 deterrents, which are hanger prevention devices made of a series of long and flexible rods connected to a center. These thin bars extend over a wide area, which makes it impossible for birds to land. Because they are often used for boats, you can find them in marine stores and buy them in pest control businesses.

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If there are pest control companies that handle this kind of thing, we need it as soon as possible. And readers, let's listen to your thoughts … apart from shooting the crows or poisoning them, please.

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