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Look with your eyes, see with your heart

photography career began when Stephanie Mullowney his beautiful daughter Hannah Grace was born just over 2 years.

Initially, taking hundreds of photos of her sweet girl on her iPhone and a small camera given to her baby shower her daughter, Stephanie started receiving all kinds of positive encouragement about your skills behind the lens. the advice of a pro-videographer boss and friend, for her, finally, to buy a good camera, and become a photographer for a continued life. She has not looked back since, but that could be due to the magical element in this story :. Hannah Grace


So … back to the beginning of history. Stephanie thought he had found the man of her dreams in Maui, dreams of marrying in the sunset at the beach and then shortly after learning a baby was on the way. But things are not so simple. Life had other plans.

“My gynecologist in Maui, said he was” measuring small “and said there was a possibility that my daughter would be born with Down syndrome, but I ‘to be tested’. Immediately I refused, disgusted with such statement. Then he proceeded to give the number to the abortion clinic and they said they had “options.” can I be honest and say I wanted to strike at the moment? I got out of that angry appointment to say the least and the fear of suggestions without heart just gave me. “

Aware physical challenges ahead for a child potentially with Down syndrome, Stephanie decided to return to Tennessee, where he was, so he could take his daughter into this world in a more favorable and well equipped environment. The big day came and Hannah Grace came into this world at 6 lbs 13 oz and 19 inches long.

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“At the time they put in my chest … I knew.”

took her for testing and reconfirmed that indeed have Down syndrome and may also have leukemia. He also confirmed that it had 3 holes in his heart.

“And you know what? I loved her even more.”

Unfortunately for Stephanie and Hannah Grace, her husband could not cope with the news and disappeared when Hannah Grace was only 5 days old. Let alone with such a dire situation, Stephanie had to rely on family and external assistance to survive.

“We were a charity case, homeless and abandoned.”

But Stephanie has not allowed these difficulties lead down. Instead, he began taking pictures of his daughter, “I made it my mission to show the world how beautiful these individuals are.”

“We quickly gained a large number of followers after his image” Butterfly Baby ‘became viral and people poured their hearts into ours and share their stories with us for encouragement. People were loving their images and quickly became a kind of ‘Global Bride. The more photos you publish more people began to comment and ask who my photographer was, to which I replied, “I do not have one, I take all your photos'”

Stephanie learned to use your new camera, it came up with a name for your business “and wrote my motto on a piece of paper torn notebook … And so it began. Officially opened for business in March this year “.

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The pictures speak for themselves – Stephanie really captures the innate beauty of these children at all levels, what is this world

a gift.





“I always say that every picture tells a story. Each story touches a heart. And when you touch a heart, is changed, and when the heart is changed, so is the mind. That’s my goal. Beauty shot inside. that’s what I like to capture. ”





If you are in the US – Check out the organizations non-profit volunteer Stephanie for: T l Down Syndrome Association of Middle TN and Best Buddies Organization . These organizations do an amazing amount of work for the community with special needs.

This Oct. 29 in Nashville, TN, The Buddy Walk will take place – an event celebrated nationwide Month Down Syndrome awareness. To support, register, donate, sponsor or volunteer can visit www.somethingextra.org

For the month of September and October alone, Stephanie will do sessions for a whole new collection called “The collection of ribbons”. This collection of images is specifically for any individual representing any tape. For example, Down syndrome tapes colors are yellow and blue, breast cancer is pink etc.

contact her here or visit their website to see the other collections.

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