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Look the fingers of your hand … What means the shape of fingers? Now we’ll reveal something unexpected …

Palmistry – the science that says about the peculiarities of the personality and destiny of man along the lines of the hand. It is very popular in our time, but few people know, who has a “cousin” – hirognomiya, which define the character of the man of hand shape, size, shape and structure of the fingers. This is related to the influence of heredity nature of man.

have prepared a simple test that will help you learn more about yourself, your family and even strangers. Look at the picture and choose the format that is most like fingers!

What does the shape of the fingers

1. TYPE finger A

If you have a form of the fingers, as in Figure a (left), you are probably reserved man. You do not like talking about their plans and dreams in your hearing. information that only the closest confidence. It has a big heart and is willing to sacrifice, if necessary.

Generally, people with this form of the fingers are honest and polite.

also have an excellent sense of humor!


2. TYPE B finger

The shape of the fingers is most like that of Option B as in Figure ? Then you probably have times when you have no self-confidence. But if there is some truth that is in his heart, then nothing can stop you.

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are not easily talk to strangers, but those who are close to you, you are ready to devote all his spare time. While in turn they will appreciate and respect!

You are a strong man, who with honor will come out of any situation. And we can only envy their perseverance!

3. TYPE C finger

If the shape of fingers at you is the same as in Figure C, you are an angel of peace that helps people understand each other. Also inherently a lot of excitement and relaxed attitude towards others, which in our time is not inherent in many people.
you are a person with subtle psyche. For you it is important to the happiness of all the people around you.

has good artistic taste and high mental abilities.

Diseases according to the shape of the fingers

* The shape of the fingers and their status can also be sued for some diseases.

Pain in the joints of the fingers, which are irregular in shape, it is a sign of osteoarthritis. Most of these changes are observed in patients with gout.

* If the joints swell and redness – this is a manifestation of polyarthritis. In this case, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Pain between the second and third phalanges of ring finger and index finger warns of imminent manifestation of a disease of the knee joints.

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* flexible joints too flexible or very difficult and fingers with decreased muscle tone indicate problems in the liver and gallbladder.

hope this information has been useful and share it with your friends!

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