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Liquid Hand Soap Recipe

This is not a good idea to do. I understand that you do this, and it works well, but as with zero experience soap maker, I have to tell you a few things :. 1.) It is not so difficult to make own soap from scratch

2) the most important :. When grated bar soap, to turn it into liquid soap, which is desaponifying oils that were used to make soap, lye that was used to make soap. By doing this, it usually stays with a sticky mass product of soap and some water, etc. Then it is exposing the crude bleach, albeit in small amounts, but it will be terrible for the skin and cause dryness, cracking, burns, etc.

When a hard soap, which is made using sodium hydroxide, hardened oils, as she saponified, and thus are left with a hard bar soap is made. When the liquid soap is made, a different form of lye is used, called potassium hydroxide, which saponified oils, but leaves liquid. soap manufacturing companies NO grate bar soap and liquid soap to sell. Used to do a completely different chemical. It is impossible to make soap without using some form of bleach. cream soaps are made using a combination of both forms of bleach, but done so in a controlled environment.

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me promise, using lye to make soap is not difficult, and it is very rewarding. glycerin soap companies removed from their soaps, resell, as it is very valuable. If you make your own, everything is still there, if it is a liquid soap or bar.

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