lemon and baking soda are more amazing world combo : proven 10,000 times more potent than chemotherapy! Why we are not aware of this? Because there are companies that continue to profit from the disease. It’s that simple.

Do you know how many people lose their lives while this secret is simply maintained in the name of profit? Lemon has already been shown to have potent anti – carcinogenic. There are many other useful properties in addition to this. It also has a strong effect on cysts and tumors.

Some other benefits of lemons:

* Strong antibacterial
* Antiviral Strong
* immune-boosting powers
* It aids in digestion
* High vitamin C
* Helps eliminate intestinal worms
* Helps detoxify the liver-lemons help stimulate the liver.
* helps restore the properties of acid and alkaline pH of the body of lemons help restore and balance the body’s pH levels.
* helps fight a cold, flu or Fever- the high amount of vitamin C helps to increase the body’s immune system and fight disease.
* helps control high blood pressure- high amount of potassium in lemons benefits the heart and helps control high blood pressure.
* Good for weight loss-Lemons increase fat metabolism and increase the role of glutathione.
* Applying clean your teeth inside a lemon peel for your teeth will help clean the teeth and kill the bad bacteria in the mouth. (Be careful not to use it for a long time as acidic acid can destroy the enamel).
* Reduce toothaches- Applying a small amount of lemon juice to the painful area can help reduce pain.
* Used to treat acne -. The antibacterial properties of lemons makes it a good natural remedy for acne and pimples

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Citrus can cure cancer. Recent studies have shown that consumption of citrus, lemons have specifically prevented and in some cases cure cancer. And by adding sodium bicarbonate will normalize the pH of the body, which does not allow the cancer to continue to spread.

It has been shown that (sodium bicarbonate) sodium bi-carbonate alkalizes the area around the tumor and prevents the development of metastasis (spread of cancer from one organ to another) in mice with breast cancer . A study published in Cancer Research in 2009 confirmed that inhibition of tumor acidity number of metastases was reduced in some cancers.

Lemons and sodium bicarbonate

lemon has a very strong antimicrobial effect with a very broad spectrum of activity against bacterial and fungal infections. Lemon is effective against internal parasites and worms, regulates blood pressure and is a powerful antidepressant, reduces stress and nerves crisis.

lemon destroys cancer cells in 12 types of cancers. Lemon prevents the spread of cancer cells and has a very strong drugs such as Adriamycin, chemotherapy and narcotics effect.

Lemons also helps balance the body’s pH. They have an alkaline effect on the body, despite its initial acidity (citric). Limonoides contain phytochemicals that are and have anti-cancer properties. Vitamin C scavenges free radicals, which damage our cells. An interesting aspect of lemons is also acting as an anti-microbial. Some researchers suggest that cancer is like a fungus, and must be treated in the same way, so that lemons can be a powerful remedy.

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Patients should take two teaspoons of lemon juice with half a teaspoon of baking soda. Please be sure to use organic lemons. organic lemons are 100 times more effective than a lemon grown with chemical fertilizers and sprayed with chemicals
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