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Latest Braided Roll Hairstyle for Girls


The summer season has arrived. By changing lifestyle also changed dresses of the season things, eating habits, hairstyles and makeup styles changed because of climate change is also seen. People start to wear dresses cotton instead of synthetic dresses which make the body warm. Light colors are used in summer due to hot weather. People also start using drinks, juices, shakes and smoothies icy cold and the use of coffee stops. At the same time the fashion and style of all that have been changed in the summer season and mostly women tie their hair during the day because of the heat, feel comfortable in closed hairs. So there are so many haircuts according to fashion hairstyles summer season, and are therefore hairstyles nice and stylish for girls, it is why I always love the latest hairstyles that look up to the date and trendy.

In this video, they are sharing very nice stylish hairstyle especially for summer. The latter is braided hairstyle for girls roll 2015. This tutorial is very easy hairstyle for the summer season. Brush your hair well and then apply some serum or hair cream. Make a ponytail using thick band that give volume to make the big bun. After making all the hairs fall Moño in the opposite direction then start picking up three strands of hair and make a French braid moving sideways, doing a good side French braid hair bun. Remember one thing you have to move in circular angle around the entire ponytail. When this French braid around the bun is made it is nice and beautiful umbrella-shaped bow. This looks amazing in the summer season hairstyles parts and functions.

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