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Laser Eye Surgery Cost Details is Here!

Surgery laser eye is one of the fastest solution to overcome the problem experienced eye defects. eye defects affecting have enough time without any treatment measure could worsen the condition. As the development of technology now eye surgery is no longer a new thing. With the discovery of a new technique that laser eye surgery, then people with eye defects can be easily cured.
One of the advantages of laser eye surgery is used time and faster compared with regular eye surgery process. The time required in the process of laser eye surgery is only 1 to 2 hours. It is included the preparation time and recovery after surgery.
With all the ease and sophistication, this laser eye surgery would require a significant financial cost. The high costs of this operation is that almost all the necessary tools in the process of laser eye surgery is still imported from abroad. In addition, experts are still very limited in number that makes the costs even more expensive.

Laser Eye Surgery Cost Details
Furthermore the costs incurred not only for the surgery itself. But also it covers the cost of pre-surgery and medications needed during the recovery period after surgery consultation. One thing you should know, for different types of eye defects, such as people suffering from myopia will be charged different prices for people with astigmatism. Now in order to know more clearly about the price of the types of laser eye surgery to perform the following details:

  1. For LASIK, LASEK , PRK and then will charge around 22 crore, – for each of his eyes. This type of laser eye surgery using corneal flap for spare parts, and usually a period of recovery is quite fast.
  2. For patients LASIK eye surgery will not incur operating expenses of Rp 17,000,000, – for each of his eyes. In this type of surgery an incision in the cornea with a sheet mikrokeratome and Excimer Laser. This type of eye surgery is not using waveform analysis for mapping the shape of the cornea.
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Those are some details of prices other types of “laser eye surgery” . Some factors that also affect the cost of the operation is the site of the surgery as well as insurance coverage. It is important to note, besides the low price is the capacity of experts and post-operative care.
certainly do not want that if the results of surgery you have made proved to have poor quality. Or otherwise not receive a consultation on your eye after surgery is completed. Pay a little more expensive could save small and trivial things that could bring difficulties in the morning.

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