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Know Purines in Foods to Control Arthritis & diabetes

Purines are chemical compounds, found in various food products, fruits, vegetables and beverages, part of our routine life . Purines are broken down into uric acid. Uric acid is the cause of several problems such as gout, arthritis, severe pain in bone joints such as the ankle, fingers, elbow, etc. shoulders and diabetes as well. Therefore, people suffering from problems metabolize purines are recommended intake of purines fewer people with diabetes, gout and arthritis.

People suffering from gout, arthritis and diabetes should be careful with the compound of exact purine in various fruits, vegetables, beverages and other food products. Table below contains the purine compound per 100 grams of food. For example, Apple is a good fruit low purine compound. On average Apple has 14 milligrams of purine compounds by 100 grams fruit. A graph is given to control the compound purine diet.

The list of fruits with compounds purines corresponding per 100 grams of fruit is as follows:

serial No. fruit Name compound purines per 100 grams of fruit image of fruit
1 Apple 14 Apple
2 almond, sweet 37 Almond
3 apricot 73 Apricot
4 Artichoke 78 Artichoke
5 Asparagus 23 Asparagus
6 Eggplant 21 Aubergine
7 avocado 19 Avocado
8 bamboo shoots 29 Bamboo Shoots
9 banana 57 banana tree
10 hulless barley, whole grain 96 Barley without husk, whole grain
11 bean sprouts, soy 80 Bean sprouts, Soya
12 beans, French (green beans, Jewish) 37 Beans, French string beans, haricot
13 Beans, French, dried 45 Beans, French, dried
14 beet root 19 Beet root
15 blueberry, cranberry, blueberry 22 Aubergine
16 bread, wheat (flour) or ( white) bread 14 white bread
17 Broccoli 81 barley
18 Brussels sprouts 69 Brussel sprouts
19 Cabbage, red 32 Cabbage, red
20 cabbage, kale 37 Cabbage, savoy
21 coll, White 22 Cabbage, white
22 Carrot 17 Carrot
23 Cauliflower 51 Cauliflower
24 Celeriac 30 Celeriac
25 Cheese, brie 7.1 brie-cheese
26 cherry, Morello 17 Cherry, Morello
27 cherry, sweet 7.1 Cherry sweet
28 chicory 12 Chicory
29 Chinese leaves 21 Chinese leaves
30 chives 67 Chives
31 corn, sweet 52 Corn, sweet
32 currant red 17 red-currant-image
33 Date, dried 35 Date, dried
34 fennel leaves 14 Foeniculum vulgare Fennel seed
35 figure (dry) 64 dry_figs
36 gooseberry 16 amla
37 grape 27 grapes
38 Kiwi (Chinese gooseberry, peach, strawberry 19 Kiwi fruit (Chinese gooseberry, strawberry peach
39 Mushroom 58 Mushroom
40 nuts, peanuts 79 Nuts, peanut
41 Avena , shelled, whole grain 94 Oats, without husk, whole grain
42 Onion 13 onion
43 Orange 19 Orange
44 made with egg pasta (spaghetti, macaroni, Spagh 40 Pasta made with egg (noodles, macaroni, spagh
45 Peach 21 Peach
46 Pineapple 19 Pineapple
47 Plum 24 plum
48 Plum, dried 64 Plum dried
49 potato 16 pic
50 pumpkin 44 Pumpkin
51 Fifteen 30 Quince
52 Radish 15 Radish
53 spinach 57 spinach
54 Squash, summer 24 Squash, summer
55 Strawberry 21 Strawberries940x627
56 tomato 11 pic
57 nuts, nut 25 wal nut
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purine The compound

diet plays a crucial role in getting relief from the disease such as gout, arthritis, diabetes or any other disease.

Type 2 diabetes:

In type 2 diabetes, the body’s efforts to control blood sugar. purine rich foods produce uric acid. Increase uric acid give rise to insulin resistance is a condition in which the body does not respond to the insulin function. This can increase sugar levels in the blood of a person, leading to diabetic problems.

gout and arthritis:

In gout, the body feels difficulty in metabolizing purines. Breakdown of purines produce uric acid, which crystallizes in the joints of a person and creates intense pain. Both the person with diabetes gout and avoid foods high in purines because it creates more uric acid; Chart will help avoid food more composed purines.

According to the doctor prescribes diet 99. diet low in purines, purine 99.2233 3.5 ounces or grams should be consumed by the person, per day to maintain optimal uric acid in the body.

The exact amount of purine compound suitable for a person depends on the physical needs of the body or the severity of disease. Therefore, it is recommended appropriate medical should be necessary before consuming purine compound.

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