destroy virtually instant FAT cells by freezing! (You will not believe how it works) – For most people, fat bulges are something they do not want. It makes our thighs jiggle, our clothes fit perfect and look bad, and usually persists despite our devious attempts to remove it. Too much of it increases our risk of certain diseases such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes, so for decades researchers have sought ways to reduce it.

Humans have two types of fat: white fat and brown fat, and understanding of the differences between the two, can help people lose weight. “White fat” is the thin layer of fat that we see in the human stomach. backs of the arms and thighs. This particular fat acts as a thermal insulator, keeping the stable body temperature.

Studies show exposure to cold causes cell death of the fat

Increased exposure to cold helps turn in our brown fat, helping people maintain reduce weight and obesity problems. Researchers have suggested that more people lower their thermostats for a few hours each day during the winter months, and the study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Endocrine Society.

By taking biopsies of fat deposits patients, scientists found that in the winter, belly and thigh fat showed greater signs of “darkening” that made fat samples taken in summer. This suggests that cold temperatures facilitate the transformation of white fat in beige. Most houses in winter are heated to about 69F (21C), but the Maastricht University Medical Center advises turning down the thermostat to between 62F (17C) and 59F (15) for a few hours per day. Experts say that because we spend much of our time inside homes and offices overheated, can cause the body to burn calories naturally, not to keep warm.

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An article in The New York Times highlights a study in which a group of men slept in a metabolic chamber was maintained at a slight chill 66 degrees. After four weeks of sleep at this temperature, the men had almost doubled its volume of brown fat, experienced an increase in insulin sensitivity, and even burn a few more calories during the day.

This practice is known as “cold thermogenesis” and can lead to a doubling of volume metabolically active brown fat, increased insulin sensitivity, and burning more calories.

  • The moderate cold thermogenesis be sitting in a room of 50-60 degrees while only using shorts, which is important for the formation of brown fat.
  • Hardcore intensity of cold thermogenesis can be achieved with an ice vest and a pair of compression shorts filled with ice packs. This practice makes the body begins to shake, then large amounts of calories burned.

ice therapy to burn more body fat

Tim Ferriss is the author of a book called The four hours of Administration , which includes the concept activation of brown fat, increasing fat burning by exposure to freezing temperatures. It states that you can increase your fat burning potential by up to 300% by adding ice therapy to your routine healthy eating and exercise. An article of claim Ferriss supports Livestrong indicating:

A NASA scientist told ABC News that is not hyperbole. In the study of the effects of temperature on the astronauts, he saw metabolism boost people by 20 percent as mild as 60 degrees environments. A researcher Joslin National Public Radio that 3 ounces of brown fat could burn 400 to 500 calories daily.

Scientists are pallets deaths fat, causing dimples in children

The theory of fat cells can be frozen and killed has also been shown to through another strangely called the “Popsicle panniculitis” showing excessive exposure to cold palette can lead to the formation of dimples.

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The parents of a 9 months old, were you concerned about the extended areas of redness on her baby cheeks.The was born healthy, had no significant health history medical or family, had no bites insects, trauma or illness and had not been in contact with people he was sick. Growth and development were normal and vaccinations were up to date. However, the playful child was not sensitive symmetrical lesions on the cheeks, near the edges of the mouth. Oral cavity was normal, and nothing to find more.

further questioning revealed that two days before the injuries appeared, her mother had given her the infant teething vane, which led to a clinical diagnosis of panniculitis palette. Popsicles, ice packs, and cold exposure have been shown to cause “paddle” or “cold panniculitis” in children. It is predominantly occurs during


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