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Kerokan as the Way to Treat Cold in Indonesia

Raspados or “kerokan” is very famous in Indonesia . Most people use scrapings as a good way to treat cold in Indonesia . I think we want to ask related to erasures or kerokan. It may Scraping cold kerokan or treat? It’s dangerous or not? Is it myth or reality? You may have these questions if you think kerokan.
During this time, many people have scrapings assumption that can treat cold. After making kerokan using oil from the neck, chest and back, people believe that cold disappeared or eliminated.
In other words, you can say that Kerokan is the appropriate method and effective way to remove cold. Kerokan is the first choice when people in Indonesia are cold. This method, kerokan, is the first thing that pops into your mind when you’re cold.
Kerokan as the Way to Treat Cold in Indonesia
The myth of Kerokan
What is a myth? It is the belief related to something without any scientific proof. Kerokan as a method to cure cold in Indonesia may be a myth first.
They simply believe that kerokan is able to treat cold without having any knowledge or scientific proof. In other words, based on the information they receive, kerokan is the best way to treat colds.
Because the myth, they need not prove with scientific truth in accordance with health or medical facts. Why? It is because the result has shown that is capable of treating kerokan cold.
You might think that what they need is a result of doing kerokan, is not a scientific test. If we talk about a myth in health, it is not enough to see in fact. In fact the myth related to kerokan is not enough. It must be proven scientifically.
The fact Kerokan
Kerokan, as an appropriate means to cure the cold , it is not enough to see only the result. It must be proven scientifically.
According to the doctor, kerokan is the good way to treat colds. It has been scientifically proven. Kerokan is the activity to stimulate the defense system and the body’s immunity through induction of local inflammation.
By kerokan inflammation through the blood vessel will expand soon. At that time, the factors of defense of the body, such as interferon and tumor necrosis are active.
Due to this reason, the immune system will rise to try and control the virus or disease that can make people sick. On the other hand, if the virus is detected as dangerous, it can be changed or transformed into biologically useful material.

Of course, the material is very useful for body. However, attention should be paid to Kerokan has a downside despite the positive side is larger than the downside. You need to know the downside of kerokan.
kerokan risk is that it can open the pores where viruses and bacteria enter the body easily.
However, it can happen by people who have a weakened immune system because they suffer from a particular disease. For you who does not suffer from any disease, Kerokan may be a suitable method for treating cold.

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