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Keep Your Body Fit And Lose Weight by Changing The Dinner Time

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Researchers looking into strategies for weight loss have found that if you are trying to lose weight, when eat can be as important as what you eat.

Scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) in collaboration with the University of Murcia in Spain and Tufts University have found that eating early in the day accelerates weight loss compared to the effects of subsequent meals.

This is the first prospective large-scale study to demonstrate that the timing of meals predicts the effectiveness of weight loss, “says researcher Frank Scheer.” Our results indicate that the ultimate consumers of the years show a rate slower loss of weight and lost significantly less weight than early eaters, suggesting that the timing of large meals could be an important factor in a weight loss program. “

Researchers studied 420 overweight people following a treatment program weight loss of 20 weeks in Spain. Participants were divided into two groups :. First eaters and late eaters, according to the self-selected main meal time, which in this Mediterranean population was lunch

The main meal containing 40 percent of total daily calories consumed. Early eaters ate lunch before 3 p.m. and late eaters, after 3 p.m. found that late eaters lost significantly less weight than early eaters, and show a much slower rate of weight loss. In late eaters also they had lower insulin sensitivity estimated, increasing your risk for diabetes.

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