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Keep Winter Lips Moist by Doing This

Winter weather, especially in northern climates can wreak havoc on the lips. The dry wind, biting outdoors with indoor heating can cause dry lips appear. In severe cases, the lips can peel, or crack and bleed, if the problem is left unattended.

Unfortunately, many of the products that people use in hopes of curing his dry lips can do more harm than good. As their lips are made of finest tissue throughout your body, they can be extremely sensitive to synthetic ingredients and chemical additives.

Many lip treatments contain petrolatum, and while this product seems to soothe and soften lips initially is actually a patch of synthetic oil that can clog pores and prevent your skin breathe. You can also prevent moisture absorbing his lips. Mineral oils act in a similar manner.

and balms lip treatments also often contain alcohols, which seems backwards as naturally dry skin and can easily cause irritation. Lanolin, a secretion found in animal fat, also sometimes used. Apart from being a no-no for vegetarians and vegans, lanolin can absorb pollutants and can result in allergic reactions.

also found in the ingredient lists of many products lip care are a lot of chemical additives and preservatives. Some of these can lead to outbreaks or allergic contact dermatitis. Oxybenzone, a sunscreen sometimes added to lip balms, can promote irritation and dry lips, like coloring agents found in many lipsticks and glosses.

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If you have sensitive skin, even the ingredients of the toothpaste can lead to dry lips. Fluoride, and many of the other additives found in conventional tooth paste, may be irritating, so you can consider switching to a natural variety, free fluoride.

For the lips naturally back to her moist and flexible state:

Drink plenty of water: As the winter air is usually dry, it is easier to get dehydrated, and her lips dry before the rest of your skin. Eight to ten glasses of distilled water is essential.

Exfoliate your lips: You can make a simple cleaning with a tablespoon of organic coconut oil mixed with a pinch of organic coconut sugar. Simply combine, apply to lips and remove with a warm, damp cloth. If your lips are in a particularly difficult, add some raw honey to the mixture, allow to stand for a moment, then carefully remove.

Apply organic coconut oil, shea butter or beeswax regularly to keep your lips soft. These natural options will condition your lips and protect them from damage.

If your lips are cracked, try organic jojoba oil. Mimics naturally occurring oils in their own skin, and can even cure the most severely windburnt lips.

winter lips Another note about lip care Winter: Avoid lip products – including organic products for lips – with mint, camphor, menthol or citrus ingredients. While they cause a pleasant tingling sensation in the summer, if your lips are dry or cracked, it can be quite painful.

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Finally, do not lick your lips! Acids and enzymes found in saliva only break your lip tissue and make your condition much worse!

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