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Karuna Reiki for Better Life


Reiki is an energy healing technique that is based on the premise that the universal life force can be redirected to a patient, using the intention of the practitioner. This therapy preferred energy or analog conversation verbal dialogue. The stories are woven nonverbally by the interaction of the therapist and the patient. These stories can be related verbally after the Reiki session in a discussion.

What is Reiki?

Reiki healing is a type of energy healing practice, derived from Japan, where a certified therapist puts his hands on or near the head, chest, throat, abdomen , the patient’s knees and feet in order to redistribute the moribund energy.

How Reiki healing?

The practice of Reiki is based on the belief that the diseases and disorders in the human body occur when the flow of vital energy or life force through the auras crashes. Reiki helps restore the free flow of vital energy through the body and the balance of power in all parts of the body. It also helps the body to accelerate the processes that allow you to heal itself.

A Reiki practitioner is able to access the universal life force and transfers it to the patient. The therapist may or may not touch the patient.

Benefits of Reiki:

contemplative practices as Reiki meditation have the following benefits:


What is Karuna Reiki?

Karuna Reiki Reiki is a way in which energy has a more definite feeling. It works on all the energy bodies at the same time. Karuna Reiki practitioners have reported that they feel the energy around them. Patients are treated by Karuna they have said they feel grounded and can also feel the healing energy around them.

Karuna Reiki was developed by William Lee Rand. He is the author of a book entitled “Reiki, The Healing Touch.” founded the Reiki Training Center in Southfield, Michigan. In addition, it is also the editor of a quarterly journal published by the Center, called Reiki News. The focus is the development of Karuna Karuna.

In order to study Karuna, the three traditional levels of Reiki – first grade, second grade and third grade – are a prerequisite. Karuna has been registered in the United States.

Meaning of Karuna
In Sanskrit Karuna means compassionate action or reducing others suffering. An experienced professional Karuna Reiki is lit and is able to see all beings as one. He or she gives his Karuna all beings without discrimination.

When people help others and promote healing, the whole being is benefited. There is a feeling of unity and compassionate action is driven not only by love but by logic. According to Buddhism, Karuna must be accompanied by Prajna or wisdom for the right effect.

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What is the energy of Karuna?

All enlightened people are motivated by Karuna to work to end the suffering of people. However, not everyone is receptive to the flow of healing energy sent by them. When you develop Karuna, he or she becomes more receptive to Karuna energy. Therefore, Karuna lets you interact with enlightened people who are or spirits or physically exist.

Karuna Reiki energy is a very intense form of energy. It has the ability to penetrate deeply. You may feel like you are experiencing intense heat, cold, electrical impulses, ice, lightning, vibration or pulsation, gentle hum. It is said to take the perfect form of energy.

Karuna energy is the primary energy form of energy and is able to facilitate healing of disorders very quickly. It can cause intense emotional healing and does not require the patient to relive the unpleasant emotional experiences. This form of Reiki allows the body to unravel their memories and release old patterns of application.

Karuna energy do not actually cure the disease. healing the physical body at the cellular level is encouraged. Sometimes, dramatic physical changes can take place. This helps create a healthy response to various situations of life.

How practiced
Course A Karuna Reiki has the following components 😕

  • Two levels
  • Two initiations
  • Four teachers symbols
  • Eight treatment symbols

Since 1994, Karuna Reiki courses are taught at the International Center for Reiki Training.

Benefits Karuna Reiki:

Here are some of the benefits of taking Karuna Reiki healing sessions listed:

  • Used to treat heart disorders
  • is used to treat chronic pain, fatigue and stress
  • helps to overcome physical and sexual abuse
  • used to treat cysts and tumors
  • used to treat insomnia and nightmares

What are the symbols of Karuna Reiki?

Karuna Reiki symbols are tools that Reiki master works. Karuna energy has more “bandwidth” than traditional Usui Reiki and these symbols are tools to increase concentration. It provides greater flexibility for the therapist when he or she tries to cure a patient.

There are eight symbols of Karuna Reiki and among them are briefly described below.


symbols level I
Symbol 1: Help to address issues related patients with his past life and he or she prepares for deep healing. Libera karma and deeply rooted problems at the cellular level. Decreases pain related to emotional healing, providing a kind of spiritual anesthesia. It works to eliminate traumatic memories, ideas of various lives and negative feelings that have been embedded in our cells. This symbol can be invoked with the intention of calling the archangel Gabriel, to help cure the problem.

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Symbol 2: This symbol heals deeply and negative patterns that we use unconsciously to mask the truth breaks. Eliminates denial and deception and cure at the same shadow. It helps us to accept our imperfections. It can treat the consequences of physical and sexual abuse. Furthermore, it can also cure tumors and cysts.

Symbol 3: This helps to cure all heart-related problems. It can be used to fill the space left after removal of negative energy. Closable cracks in relationships. It can help one to develop good habits and rise on addictions. the balance is restored to the heart.

Symbol 4: This symbol is suitable for use at the end of a session. It works in the lower chakras and makes more focused, alert and present the patient. When used in the patient’s feet, feet chakras open and the person is pulled back into the physical body. negative energy and pain through the feet is released.
Symbols Level II

Symbol 5: This symbol cure the mind and helps connect with the Higher Being harder. Higher Being noted in the physical body. Penetrates deeply, eliminating the emotional pain and achieve an understanding of the cause of pain. It improves the ability to learn and poses one of the creative and communication skills. It is suitable for use with the symbol 4 for help manifest the Higher Self on the physical plane.

Symbol 6: Used to create a strong connection between the spiritual and the physical plane. It helps one to guide through life in a practical way.

Symbol 7: helps us to break free from other expectations and a healthy sense of responsibility to our dear close-and-beings. It helps us to act on our plans and intentions, even if they displease others. It is a healing energy of the Earth and helps one connect to the conscience of flowers, crystals, trees, and so on.

Symbol 8: that brings peace and builds trust. It helps heal the past and frees one of the concerns. insomnia, nightmares, chronic fatigue or panic attacks is all about. In combination with the symbol 3, which leads to harmony in one’s life and helps achieve one’s goals. It also increases the capacity of one clairvoyant.

Therefore, Karuna is a step forward and traditional Reiki is a powerful healing oneself and Being shadow approach. In dealing with the unconscious parts of the mind of one, it helps achieve a complete release of all the negative things.

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