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Just Mix Baking Soda and Honey: Consume 3 tsp. a Day for 30 Days and This is What Will Happen to Your Body

Interestingly, maple syrup or honey serves as a “Trojan horse” when it comes to treat cancerous cells. That is, the combination heating and alkaline sodium bicarbonate with maple syrup or honey unites and targets cancer cells. Subsequently, sodium bicarbonate is carried in the cells and eventually destroys.

The high alkalinity of baking soda kills the cancer microbe or reverts to its form of hibernation, which ultimately reverses the cell to normal.

Another way deals with baking soda cancer cells is to induce a rapid change of pH which destroys the cells. This clash of alkalinity carries oxygen in the cell, which in turn reverses or remove cells itself, even before the sugar has the opportunity to stimulate growth.

ingredients and instructions:

Sodium Bicarbonate

Maple syrup or honey

Add a teaspoon of baking soda per tablespoon maple syrup or honey. Given the fact that a scoop is made of three teaspoons, the ratio is 1 part of sodium bicarbonate and 3 parts maple syrup / honey. For example, mix 4 tablespoons baking soda with 4 tablespoons maple syrup / honey. Mix well and cook the mixture over low heat for about 5 minutes.


Take a teaspoon of the mixture 1-3 times on a daily basis during the course of a month. Do not take the mixture immediately before or after meals.

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Given the fact that cancer cells feed on sugar, many people in the world believe that the combination of baking soda and maple syrup / honey is bad. However, over the past six decades, many experts have analyzed this, reaching the conclusion that this is not true.

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