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Jump Rope: Cardio Workout for Fast Weight Loss

Looking for a fun way to get fit? Then take the rope and start jumping because jumping rope is the best cardio workout.

jump rope cardio workout

The benefits of jumping rope

Why jump the rope is good for you? Jumping rope is an intense cardiovascular activity that helps you frame every muscle in the body, from the shoulders, and back through the leg.

Calories burned by jumping rope: jumping in 45 minutes can burn up to 450 calories. Therefore, with this easy and fun exercise that you can get rid of excess weight.

Another advantage of jumping rope is that you do not need expensive equipment and can practice whenever you want.


Jumping rope. Almost everyone has a jump rope at home. No matter whether it is the rope that was used when it was still small and now that it has acquired new. It is important to pay attention to the length of the rope. To verify that this string is for you, standing in the middle of the rope and grab the handles with your arms. They need to get below the shoulders.

comfortable sneakers. With the jump, the full weight falls on his feet. So before you start, choose the beautiful shoes that will reduce the pressure falls on your feet.

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sports bra. Due to the fact that you will constantly jump, you need a good sports bra, to ensure a good grip on her tits.

soft ground. When jumping with a jump rope, choose a softer surface. You can jump inside on the carpet or on the grass.

WORKOUTS jumping rope

You can start with basic exercises for beginners or if They are smarter than do the advanced exercises. Start now and get your body in shape!


leap in place . Keep your head and back straight while jumping from one leg to another, allowing the cable passes under the legs. Carry your weight from one leg to the other with every jump. Make this move 70 times per minute, so each time the foot is changed not being considered a jump. As you progress with exercise, you can increase the number of jumps in a minute.

front to back . Jump from front to back, to strengthen leg muscles. Try to do 70 jumps per minute.

Jump with quick movements . Each time the jump rope, bend your knees in front of you, as it does while running. Make this move 80 times per minute.


double jump . The rope must pass under you twice, in each jump. Try to do this once or several times if possible. You can make 100 ordinary jumps and every tenth jump to double jump.

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Figure Eight. Your hands should be at the hips. After passing the rope over your head, bend your hands and jump into the circle that form the rope.

Jumping rope is a lot of fun. Try different jumps and will not notice when you spend 45 minutes, you will burn up to 450 calories and you will feel full of energy.

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