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The simplest solutions are sometimes the best. This recipe can easily do that, it costs almost nothing, and can do much to help.

You may wonder why anyone would drink the juice of potato (and not vodka), but not all in the taste. Mayor healing Things like completely unattractive to us, and what most delicious, most of us poisons.


The potato juice is rather bland and tasteless, but because it is very healthy, but drinking in the context of child health famous Brojs

this is what this juice is good healing :.

alkalized body

The potato juice is basic, but so can help establish the acid-base balance of the body, which is very important for us, because the diet have caused to our body always tends to heartburn.

is useful against gout

lowers the level of uric acid and thus help against gout.

Because of this potato juice can help with arthritis and other forms of inflammatory processes, especially the joints and helps with back pain. In addition, it promotes circulation in all parts of the body.

clean skin

has a calming effect on eczema and even acne, helps clean the skin.

helps in weight loss

for this purpose, one should drink a cup of juice before breakfast potatoes and evening for 2-3 hours before bedtime. gallbladder, if there are problems. 2 dl drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

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helps in the treatment of gastritis and ulcers

To this end, we recommend taking a tablespoon of juice diluted potato with a little water, half an hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How is it done?

is very easy to do this healing juice. Wash the potatoes and remove it all sprouts and green parts of the cortex where appropriate. Then, grate, put in a linen cloth and squeeze the juice (you can use a juicer). juice drink nacijeđen always fresh, and if bad taste, can be mixed with lemon juice, apples, šargarape, honey …

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