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Juice Fasts

Do you fast? Most Indians fast once a week, for religious reasons. But did you know that fasting, if done well, it can be great for health too?

We tend to underestimate our Indian culture in our desire to monkey West . While the benefits of fasting now being made by the West, Indians have been fasting for millennia. We should note that our Indian religion is very scientific. While it may have a religious approach activities our religions to call, have huge health benefits. Why do you think some of our sages live to be 300 years old? Not because God keeps them die, but because their bodies are young, fit and healthy. While we can not leave everything and go to meditate in the Himalayas, there are definitely some things we can imbibe, and one of them is fasting.

Here are some tips on how to fast, to get your health back in shape.

  1. While some fast for ten days to a month at a time, you could start with one day a week, or even one day a month, and people move on from there.
  2. Our toxins are stored in the body as fat. So while fasting will definitely get rid of fat, but also mobilize toxins that have been dormant so far, and release them into the body at the same time, which makes your body can not cope, especially if you have suddenly gone on a fast extended. Therefore, it makes sense to start out for a day at a time.
  3. When we eat, our system suffered a broken garbage we eat, but also stop receiving the nutrients it needs. Therefore, your fast should include nutrient intake in some way. This need is best served by drinking juice.
  4. freshly squeezed fruits are the best bet. You may also have vegetable juices like carrot or beet juice, diluted with distilled water.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids. Your body will be losing water, and you need to replace it.
  6. There was tea, coffee or alcohol detoxification during a fast. Also avoid milk. As mentioned earlier, all your fluid intake should be in the form of fruits or vegetables.
  7. As this is an extremely low-calorie form of diet, that just is going to take in protein or carbohydrates and fat will not be taking. It is therefore likely to feel week and disoriented. Do nothing physically or mentally exhausting, because you will force your body. If possible, in the rest house it is the day fasting.
  8. Juice fasts help rejuvenate the body as stomach going to get a break from all forms of impure foods that have been consuming. The advantage is that you will lose weight quickly – and safely, quickly though, as your calorie intake is reduced.
  9. A good idea would be to consume the juice of the fruit which is beneficial for the particular disease has been suffering from. Therefore, if you have a weak liver, grape juice consume as much as possible during his fast.
  10. to return to solid food slowly, especially if you have been in a prolonged fast that lasted more than a day. Breaking a three-day long fast with butter, paneer Makhani chicken and naan is a bad idea to say the least. Eat a light meal the next day of his fast.
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