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I’ve Been Washing My Hair Wrong My Entire Life, And This Is How You Should Actually Do It

Hair can be both beautiful and messy the next. We all want our hair is soft and soothing to move your fingers through it. However, it is dandruff or dry hair, which can be very frustrating.

hair becomes soft and dazzling after washing with a shampoo, but the effect does not last forever. Wash your hair properly is important because it keeps the hair healthy and beautiful for a longer period.

Below is a list of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to washing your hair.

Error 1: You wait as long as possible after each wash

Simply, it is up to you. You can wash your hair once a week during the winter and on a daily basis during the summer. Remember, you must do it every time you feel like washing.

Error 2: The shampoo is applied each wash

If you shower every day, do not you shampoo your hair every wash. This can lead to opposite results, making your scalp is dry.

Error 3: scalp rubs

do not rub the scalp, but run your fingers through the hair gently into place. This method prevents damage and breakage.

Error 4: Hot showers

Although hot showers are good for the body, which are not beneficial for the hair. Itchy scalp is dry and that is why hair with cold or warm water should be rinsed.

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Error 5: too many shampoos were used

is recommended that adhere to a shampoo as experience a lot can damage the hair.

Error 6: Pour into the shampoo

Do not put too much shampoo! Using a coin size will do the trick.

Error 7: You towel dry hair

Never rub wet hair with a towel as wet hair is very fragile. Pat treated with care instead!

Error 8: Brushing your hair

As mentioned above, wet hair is very fragile. Therefore, instead of brushing while wet, shampoo gently to avoid breakage.

Error 9: shampoo is always applied to the scalp

No Shampoo the scalp at all times. Sometimes, start with the nape of the neck.

Error 10: You do not soak the hair

Many people make a mistake by not letting the hair soaks completely before shampoo.

Error 11: Shampoo whole head

Wash the roots and put the ends instead of shampoo whole head.

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