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It’s Called “The Point Of A Hundred Diseases”- Here’s What Happens If You Massage It Every Day!

There is a magical point in your body and is called a tip! hundred diseases. to Japanese legend tells us that this point is the secret of longevity and passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years.

If massage regulate this point, you can prevent hundreds of diseases.

Another word for a point in the body is a meridian acupressure, an ancient healing philosophy of the East, works on pressure points -. Apply pressure to certain points on the body using hands and fingers. pressure is the energy flowing and healing flowing parts of the body that need.

acupressure or acupuncture are serious philosophies of healing, alternative medicines that can only be done by professionals. But there is a pressure point in your body that can be used and the application of pressure, is to prevent and cure diseases.

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Zu San Li

This process is called zu San Li and if done on a regular basis can protect against disease, slow the aging process and improve your overall health.

Where is Zu San Li?

You can easily find. is placed below the kneecap. Put your hands on your knees (left hand on the left knee, and his right hand on right knee) and find the midpoint between the ends of the ring and little fingers.

can also locate the point Zu San Li by sitting on the floor and pushing the feet on the floor in front of you. Heels down. You will be aware that there is a place in his knee that is slightly higher. The highest point is the point of Zu San Li.

What can Zu San Li do?

  • Control of the spinal cord, responsible for the proper function of the reproductive system, digestive tract, kidneys and glands
  • Check functioning of all organs in the lower body
  • support the function of the adrenal glands, important for the function of the body and health in general
  • Restore inner balance
  • Increase self-esteem
  • may be beneficial to healthy weight loss
  • provide relief from gastritis, urinary incontinence, constipation, impotence, hypo
  • Reduce anxiety, stress and tension

may also prevent inflammation, improve digestion, help gastrointestinal problems, reduce the effects of a stroke, regulate glucose and insulin, and improve the immune system.

Instructions for massage

  • relax for a while before massage
  • Sit
  • breathe deeply and focus on their feelings
  • must start the process of healing and spiritual to restore harmony the mind and the body
  • massage the point in each leg in 9 circular motion clockwise

You can do this morning massage , afternoon and evening. It takes about ten minutes.

You can also add things like garlic, oats, rice or buckwheat to facilitate massage.

Doing massage during the day, it can also provide a number of advantages. The point massage needles Zu San Li clock in the morning, eight days before the new moon will boost your immune system, improve the functioning of body organs and promote cell regeneration.

Massaging this point r before the food will improve your digestive system, memory, and cardiovascular system.

The point massage Zu San Li after lunch can relieve anxiety, stress, tension and headaches.

Massaging this point will increase your metabolism afternoon and evening will help you get extra pounds.

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