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It Was Hard To Snack Healthy Until I Learned These 22 Delicious Metabolism-Boosting Ideas

By bringing a healthy lifestyle, snacks can be a great fall. But now, there is no need to go hungry between meals. Below they are offered some great ways to keep your metabolism boosted with delicious and healthy snacks.

Some of these foods are absolutely irresistible taste, and do not forget, all are healthy as can be! Meals with excellent taste and health to use? – Yes, please


1 . Toasted bread with garlic waffles with fresh mozzarella and Prosciutto -. impress your guests with this elegant appetizer, healthy

2. Mediterranean Cucumber Roll-Ups -. These windows rolls are delicious with feta, hummus and peppers

3. baked fried zucchini Far from the average potato chips, these are healthy and delicious


4. Cauliflower crust pizzas mini -. Very few carbohydrates, and everything we like pizza

5. Cover fruit with yogurt bites! – Prepare easily, only the layer of your favorite fruit with yogurt, freeze and enjoy

6. Cottage cheese Guacamole -. Strengthens protein in their diet Add the cottage cheese to your guacamole

7. Peanut butter Honey Yogurt Dip -. sweet, tasty and healthy additional

8. Cucumbers stuffed with herb cream and cherry tomatoes -. Incredibly delicious and simple

9. Healthy trail mix – You can choose and mix their own

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10. Chips Baked carrot – brush carrot slices with olive oil, and simply put them in the oven at 375 for 10 minutes


11. Cheerios and peanut butter bars -. This recipe may replace other cereals, and are only very tasty

12. Butternut Squash Chips – These chips are also super easy to prepare . Simple, healthy and delicious.

13. Vietnamese spring rolls -. When you need an amazing sandwich, simply wrap fresh shrimp, vegetables, mint and herbs on rice paper

14. Chips of dried apple – These great snacks can even be made in the microwave


15. Banana, chocolate and almond butter Bites – if the almonds are not your thing, you can substitute peanut butter are


16. Granola, peanut butter sandwiches and Apple – sweet, crispy and delicious


17. Popcorn spicy Sriracha – Add Sriracha to a little butter and sprinkle over popcorn freshly made. Simple and delicious.

18. Avocado toast with Sunny-side up egg – Instead of butter, avocado spread on a piece of toast and add an egg


19. Avocados and boiled eggs – Very simple: chop an avocado and a couple of hard-boiled eggs for a quick pick-me-up

20. Ants on a log -. This is a classic snack notion using some new twists

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21. Greek yogurt Ranch Veggie Dip – This immersion is loaded with protein and so tasty

22. Fast Pico Gallo – a great appetizer is made, and can accompany almost any food

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