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Is Your Baby’s Diet Healthy?

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with the introduction of meat in the diet of children through the years, the essential amounts of iron, zinc and minerals would be satisfied that they are necessary for. immunology system.

When it comes to calories good or bad, there is talk of nutrients we consume and additives with which the food is enriched. Our body gets energy through food and when we eat healthy or good calories also earn a lot of healthy substances.


child is more noticeable and requires a lot of protein in their diet in order with the body’s needs. The existence of additives during production changes its source characteristics. First, the effects of certain product quality and seasonal products are available throughout the year. However, should not be exaggerated. Today, we have products that are low in added or even 0%, which is the best choice for your child’s healthy diet.

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Introduce your child all kinds of food . Proteins are very important and should be included in each meal according to the needs. It is equally essential fats, but the voltage is changing their qualitative effect and the maximum energy effect is 30% in contrast to the whole.

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