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Is This Lemon Cleanse Really The Best Detox on The Planet?

The detox lemonade diet was created by Stanley Burroughs, whose idea was to use this diet as treatment for stomach ulcers. In his book “The Master Cleanser”, he explained how he cured a person suffering from chronic stomach ulcer for three years. Surprisingly, the ulcer was completely healed in only eleven days of regular lemonade detoxification treatment. Thereafter, it followed many other cases where patients were completely cured within 10 days of this treatment. In addition, people who underwent this Master Cleanse noted a reduction in weight as well.

The Master Cleanse is based on the concept that body cleansing is the first and fundamental step in the treatment of a disease. Scientific development and nutrition indicates that unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and stress are the main factors leading to the accumulation of toxins in the body.

Master Cleanse is only the first step in the healing process of your body. It must be accompanied by routine healthy diet, regular physical activity and reducing stress levels.

Woloshyn recommends that people should be prepared before starting the detox program by going on a vegetarian diet. This makes the transition to the Master Cleanse less stressful. Moreover, people who regularly consume coffee drinks and sodas need to reduce your intake gradually. They must have B5 (pantothenic acid) supplementation to prevent headaches which appear as a consequence of reduced caffeine.

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The lemon detox diet consists of lemonade made from the following ingredients :. Lemons, pure maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water

Mix ingredients thoroughly, following the instructions of Burroughs. Consume at least 6-12 glasses throughout the day, on a regular basis for at least ten days.

Note: You should take laxatives in the morning and evening. salt water flush is a great alternative for laxative morning. You must have at least three bowel movements in a day. This will allow to get rid of excess toxins and waste from your body.

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