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Is it possible to imbibe empathy in our lives?


In our world increasingly violent filled with fragile egos, unresolved problems and high testosterone, empathy can be taught and learned, can be the most powerful tool to cure the feeling Us and Them. But the big question is: Can you teach? Mahatma Gandhi was a great believer of empathy. What could be a better time to discuss this issue on the anniversary of his birth?

Empathy and emotional health
If you lack empathy for others, you will be hurt in the long run. According to the latest research, people who lack empathy make decisions that not only hurt themselves, but others around them. Sensitivity to other people’s emotions helps bond relationships. Susan Kuczmarski, a cultural anthropologist says: “Empathy is to be at the heart of another person.” Roman social philosopher Krznarichas who wrote Empathy: why it matters and is the founder of the world’s first library digital Empathy, talks about how from business gurus, aunts agony gurus of happiness, everyone is talking how empathy makes happier and less complex life. He says: “.. At this time, the world needs a revolution empathy we be free from hyper-individualism” How does one go about it?

End the question “what’s in it for me?” The antidote to it is empathy. Think and feel situations from the point of view of the other person. There are many ways you can be more empathetic. Listen carefully. Pay attention to others.
not judge. Validate their feelings and emotions.

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The empathy gap

A study by social scientists in the Journal of Family Psychology found that relationship satisfaction is strongly linked to the “effort empathy “instead of” empathic accuracy “. If someone shows empathy, your heart will warm the person. Empathy is the bridge to a better understanding and care. Time magazine reports empathy is an important skill to cultivate life in the world today. If you want to bring immediate benefits of empathy in your life, start at your home, workplace or school: to show care, concern, listening and speaking. Ask someone, anyone, a simple thing like 😕 How are you today

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