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Is It An STD Or Something Else? 4 Skin Conditions Your Vagina May Suffer From

When you care about places on your body that may have dry skin and rare, vagina usually forget about . While skin conditions and rashes are most commonly occur in the arms and legs, vagina could also suffer from skin problems. Irritation and inflammation that come with the eruption could be even more uncomfortable when experienced in the sensitive area. Learn what skin problems may be affecting their female parts …

1. The white spots.

If you start seeing flat spots appear on your vagina are white, which could be symptoms of a disease called vitiligo. It is a disorder related to the immune self that makes the pigment-producing cells in certain ares of his body to die resulting in light-colored spots that are left behind. Usually this is due to genetics, but there are still chances that other cases arise. If you suffer from this there are topical medications that can treat this condition.

2. Dematitis.

Contact dermatitis is an itchy red rash that appears on your skin when irritated by a particular product. This most commonly is a side effect of using a new soap washing, or strongly scented body. To help clarify things, it would be a good idea to stick to using more than one, or fragrance-free soap smelling it gently to help heal the rash in sensitive areas.

3. flakes on the skin.

irritation caused by friction underwear, clothing, even sex can lead to a rash with itchy dry her inner thighs known as psoriasis. There is no cure for psoriasis, but there are natural steroids and creams that can be used to help relieve pain. However, since your vaginal area is very sensitive, it is important to obtain a cream with less force.

4. Small red bumps.

This will be the easiest to recognize because many people suffer from some other part of your body. Eczema is not caused by any particular thing, but some soaps, lubricants or be able to lead to irritation. Luckily for you there are many products designed for moisturizing the affected area, and provide a soothing relief from the itching sensation.

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