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Intuitive Astrology: Full Moon Eclipse September 2016

September 16 to 17 meetings Lunar Eclipse falls into the water sign Pisces and intuitive, so this full moon a perfect time to focus on creativity and spirituality.

Mother Moon feels at home in the sign of Pisces. It is in this sign that she is able to express their ideas, their creative thoughts and deepest agitations.

The Moon is also extremely psychic and conscious when this water sign, which means that this eclipse will feel very strongly both conscious and subconscious level.

September, Full Moon Eclipse is bigger than just this month. Although this lunar eclipse will be working with New Moon Solar Eclipse September 1, is actually part of a larger cycle dating back to 2008.

This cycle does not officially end until February 2017, but September Eclipse is definitely going to be one of the most powerful moments in this cycle.

Eclipse September, it will highlight the truth. What you have been shunning, which have not dared to see it will be revealed by this lunar eclipse.

The truth will set you free and that is the exact mantra of this eclipse.

By being able to see the truth, to have the truth right there in front of you, that will help you make the best decision on how to move forward in your life.

Seeing the truth sometimes can be painful, but necessary if you want to expand your level of consciousness and truly live an awakened life.

This Eclipse may raise some painful moments or some fears, but we know that this is all that can grow and flourish in the direction you need.

If things are like this all the Eclipse, if things are brought to their attention, not ignore them. Know that you are strong enough to see the truth; He knows that it is strong enough to handle the truth.

While this Eclipse is helping to release the truth, but can also release any Angers or frustrations that have been simmering beneath the surface. Emotions will be high around this Eclipse and can be difficult to see clearly at first.

know that the best way to channel this energy into something creative. Writing, art and music are all excellent ways to channel anger, frustration or heightened emotions displayed.

The trend with this Eclipse however, will have to attack others, especially those who are closest to you.

Be aware of what others say in all this time. Be aware of lashing out at others without good reason. Be aware of taking his anger and aggression out on those you love.

While anger and aggression need to be expressed in order to be released, you can help in channeling think these emotions into something creative or productive.

Relations also highlighted during this lunar eclipse. If there is something that you have not been watching, if something has been turning a blind eye to their relationships, this eclipse can force finally deal with him once and for all.

If you’ve been unhappy in any relationship in your life, you can also find that the Eclipse brings some new information to the surface that will help you make a decision.

If you abandon your life around a Eclipse, it is often a strong indicator of a karmic bond that has served its time.

Know that anything that presents itself in this Eclipse will not be officially involved until February 2017, however, all you need for now closing will be delivered.

Ultimately, this lunar eclipse will bring a sense of accomplishment and helps you finally feel at peace with all the energy that 2016 has delivered so far.

While the power of Eclipse will take a couple of weeks simmered down, it will be a smoother road after this.

Indeed, after the eclipse, the universe will be offering beautiful and gentle energy that will certainly bring relief.

Lunar Eclipse in September is really about re-establishment of the wheel and help you lose and pull back all the layers you no longer need.

This Eclipse can help you find the truth of your soul and the truth of your heart so you can make the best decision to go ahead.

This Eclipse can leave you feeling raw and exposed, but is confident that this is an amazing time of growth and renewal. This eclipse is the time of budding flowers, and help everyone to realize and express gratitude for how far we’ve come.

be at peace with whatever for blooms, trust your intuition and instincts and know that the best way to channel all that this brings Eclipse is through creativity and spiritual connection.

In fact, if you can consider if you can rise above fears or anxieties, you will be able to see the beauty of it all. You will be able to feel the incredible support and unlimited that the Universe is offering guidance.

There is nothing here, but growth, so allow these energies you move, allow these energies you move, allow these energies are released from all that is no longer necessary, and open their hearts , the mind and the third eye to the truth. Because the truth will set you free.


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