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Instagram can get rid of & # 039; Likes & # 039; On platform

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Currently, Instagram is testing a new feature that would hide "Like" on your page. Rumors have spread for a while since a tester leaked screenshots of the news update, but it was officially announced at the F8 Facebook Developers Conference and will be released in Canada as early as next week.

A few weeks ago, the screenshots were acquired by Jane Manchun Wong, who discovered that the app was testing a prototype of the feature.


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"We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how much" I like "your posts receive," says Instagram in one of Wong's screenshots. "During this test, only the person who shares a publication will see the total number of" likes "that they receive."

With the test, Instagram plans to eliminate the total number of "likes" of the photos and videos that appear in the main source, the profiles and the permanent link pages. Only the user of the account can see the amount of "like" that a publication receives. It will show a couple of profile photos next to a call from some names that liked the photo, as it does now, but it will no longer show the exact count of people who liked the publication.

Instagram says that the reason for this update test is that users concentrate on their posts and interact with the application instead of "like" it. Many users will delete the photos that do not have enough "like". There have been many studies on the culture that surrounds social networks and the unhealthy obsession with "likes" and comparison with others online. A recent report by the Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) of the United Kingdom and the Young Health Movement examined the impact of different social media platforms on mental health. While there were some positive aspects about access to health information, the opportunity to express oneself and the feeling of community, the negative factors were important. He reported on things like anxiety, depression, loneliness, quality of sleep and the negative impact on body image.

The hope is to get rid of the "like" part of the application that could reduce some of these negative effects on getting enough "like" in a publication and eliminate the competition to have the "most pleasant publication". This could increase authenticity through publication and could be a benefit to many.

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While it is a benefit to many, some influencers have expressed concern about their feeding classifications in the algorithm and their source of income. Currently there are no plans to hide the counts of followers in the profiles, which are the main source of sponsorship for influential people. Most likely, developers need to update the algorithm to reflect the inability to publicly view "likes" and find a new way to customize content sources based on the popularity of a publication, such as participation through comments.

There are other updates that were found in the Wong test, such as chat conversation labels for Direct messages, augmented reality filters for direct video calls, simultaneous co-viewing of recommended videos through Direct, karaoke-style song lyrics that appear synchronized with the soundtracks in Stories, emoji. Reactions to food stalls and a shopping bag for trade.

Although it is starting in Canada, it is not sure if they will start testing elsewhere. Like many tests, they will have to see an increase in positive interactions and user participation to expand. If you're successful on Instagram, it could be extended to other platforms like Facebook with the hope of creating a healthier social networking environment for everyone.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/nicolemartin1/2019/04/30/instagram-may-be-getting-rid-of-likes-on-platform/

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