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Indian Researchers Come Up With High Absorbing Eco-Friendly Sanitary Pads

While most of us ladies have to be reconciled with the idea of ​​tampons uncomfortable rashes and as an integral part of ‘being a woman’, a group of dedicated researchers Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad is committed to coming up with a new answer to these age age menstrual problems . Hence this range of high absorbent pads emerged, sanitary biodegradable nanofibers made of, and we can not be happier! Keep reading. called the superabsorbent polymers (SAP) to increase absorption, but these materials based on oil are not biodegradable “

sanitary napkins have been the main method of management menstrual hygiene for a significant portion of the female population in the world today. Most trademarks napkin add something called superabsorbent polymers (SAP) to its core in order to increase their absorption capacity. Once added, SAPs can help in absorbing many times their own weight in body fluids. The problem arises from the fact that SAPs are petroleum-based materials that have more than 500 years to degrade, causing major environmental problems.

But this is only part of the problem. The other side of SAP induced health products is that prolonged use has adverse health effects, from mundane to the most serious concerns as
Toxic Shock Syndrome

Nanotechnology-Driven Safe sanitary napkins

“pad Nanofiber soon outperform most commercially feminine hygiene products available, both in terms of comfort and absorbency “

nanofibers are extremely thin and long strands that are produced through the electrospinning process and is expected to have greater absorptive capacity due to its large area compared to its volume.

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The research team studied iith every conceivable aspect of nanotechnology and use their extensive knowledge to derive a more convenient and environmentally friendly alternative. harmful programs structural adjustment electrospun nanofibers of cellulose acetate are replaced. Despite initial uncertainty, they soon realized that the nanofibers were soon overcome most commercially available feminine hygiene products, both in terms of comfort and absorption capacity.

brain behind the Risk

Associate Professor, Chandra Shekhar Sharma, a member of the faculty of the Department of Chemical Engineering, iith and the driving force for the project shared their The Orange Health knowledge. He had been working on nanofibers for many years and was struck by this idea pads favorable environment at the time of his doctorate itself. However, it was only after he joined iith as part of the power that he was able to set their plans in motion (in the hope that he would find a team of young researchers enthusiastic).

Finding research students take the project was not an easy task. “The taboo is too strong. Students might have been interested but extremely reluctant to work on something so” radical “.” Not surprisingly, it was only after a year in which one of his female students and first author of this research were announced Shital Yadav. Shortly afterwards, two more students (both female), Pujitha Illamanipuri and Tulika Rastogi joined the team. “Prospects my wife also played an important role in my research,” adds Professor Sharma.

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price of Environment Friendly Sanitary napkins

“are not quite sure about the cost even” says Chandra Shekhar Sharma. He explains that the non-use of certain chemicals, which are commonly used in trademarks, allows you to make a rough estimate of the price of the product. He believes that should not be too expensive, if not cheap, compared with existing products of established brands in the market.

The idea behind the research project was to provide a safe affordable and accessible alternative that could have a global impact on health and the environment. And by the looks of it, all is well on track. All we can hope for is that these super cool ecological sanitary napkins hit the supermarket shelves soon. ! Until then, #bleedsafe

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October 3, 2016

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