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Indian Diet Plans for Healthy Skin and Hair

Everyone is more or less aware of the Indian beauty possessed by men and women in the country. There have been countless times when non-Indians have been curious to know about the origins of the Indians have beauty. Tanned skin, big beautiful eyes, long braids, glowing skin and healthy figure have called on people around the world. Indians have always been known for their long hair and bright natural delicious skin. In the old days, when there was even beauty products and beauty treatments, Indian women were still considered the most beautiful and perfect women worldwide. The secret of his voluminous hair and supple skin is not found in creams and lotions, but in your diet. Indian diet includes many spices and ingredients that are very useful and effective in maintaining healthy hair and skin. Given that this is an outline of a diet plan to follow to get healthy hair and beautiful skin.

1. Breakfast
Needless to say breakfast is the most important meal of the day because the body is getting food after a few hours of fasting. Therefore, it is important to be careful of what you eat for breakfast. Include a glass of milk, cereals and a small portion of protein in their daily breakfast. They may include muesli cereals, bread, corn flakes or Poha. The proteins are eggs, cheese, chicken, sprouts, etc. Having a healthy meal first thing in the morning.

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2. Lunch
Sometime after breakfast but before lunch, make sure you eat a fluid and a portion of fiber. You can make buttermilk, fresh lime water, coconut water or lassi. Along with it, having at least one fruit. You can have fruit salad if you’re really hungry.

3. Lunch
Having a full lunch – chapatti / Roti, vegetables, dal and dairy products. Chapatti compensates for a portion of grains, vegetables are important in any diet, and dal (lentils) provides important protein for the body. milk product, curd preferable, it is very healthy for the body above all, but especially for skin and hair.

4. night bites
between lunch and dinner, not starve your body of food. the energy needed to perform their functions well is required. So, grab a cup of tea or some milk at night. It also has 2 cookies with her and drinking water over it. This will make you feel full and allow the body to function optimally without any problems.

5. Dinner
If possible, finish your dinner at most 9 or 9:30 at night. Any thereafter, it makes indigestion and therefore interrupts the operation of the body in general. Keep your light dinner, but healthy. Consume cereals (roti or rice), protein (dal, eggs, chicken or fish) and a serving of vegetables.

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Following this pattern of a diet not only help to maintain healthy skin and hair, but also keep fit and well above all. A diet unhealthy habit dulls the skin and deprives the body of nutrients it needs to maintain healthy hair. Thus, following a regimen of nutritional diet filled can go a long way to keep your skin naturally shiny, smooth and beautiful, while your hair will remain strong, delicious and bulky.

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