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In what all ways you can protect your ears?

There are some conditions that can be reversed with the help of medications, therapies and exercises like yoga. But, you know, hearing loss can not be reversed? Yes, if proper ear protection measures are not taken, then you may end up with hearing loss.

If you look at the causes of hearing loss, is noise, trauma, use of certain medications. Injuries along the perforated eardrum can also cause hearing loss ..

Diseases and hearing loss: You might wonder what is the link between disease and hearing loss. Hearing loss can be caused by viral diseases, including mumps and measles (whooping cough). These types of infections are more common in childhood. But it can also affect adults who are not vaccinated.

noise and hearing loss Loud: Our inner ear still may be damage by noise. There is a common belief among people that if there is any damage we should feel the pain. They are not. Cover the ears when it is in a noisy area.

Bacterial Diseases Bacterial diseases such as meningitis and syphilis can also attack and cause damage to the ears. A tumor that grows in the auditory nerve, called ‘acoustic neuroma’, can cause hearing loss and tinnitus. Ensure that children are immunized of the above diseases. Talk to your doctor and find out more about this. When you are sick, early diagnosis along with treatment is necessary.

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Injuries and hearing: For those who do not know, the middle and inner ears are protected by the temporal bones. They are located at the base and sides of the skull. head injury involving trauma to the temporal bones can cause hearing loss. Concussion can be enough to cause hearing damage, even if the skull bones are not broken. When it falls in activities like sports, cycling, biking, wear a helmet.

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