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If You Put A Clothespin On Your Earlobe For 5 Seconds, This Is The Incredible Effect

feel stressed? You can skip the full body massage and opt for ear reflexology rather according to Richard Randig is a reflexologist certified .He junta says all you need to focus on different pressure points in the ear relieve stress and alleviate symptoms in other areas of the body.

Comprehensive Health also says that massage helps the ear with multiple health problems, such as pain relief and addiction.

Randig is suggesting that this massage works because the ears are very close to the brain and the video then have the opportunity to see what it says about the specific techniques to maximize the benefits of this practice.

If you do not have the time (or money) for the professional, you can do some reflexology techniques on your own, says reflexology map.
For starting a comfortable chair.Sit, pull your hair up and start gently press the earlobes and pulling them down is needed. Use gentle tugs, this should not hurt.Then gently trace the outer edges of the ears several times.

When ears touching look closely at the rest of your body and will notice pain or irritation you feel when the ear is pressed. Gently put the pressure on each point of the outer ear, maintain pressure for about five seconds at each point before proceeding. Repeat five times before moving on to the other ear.

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Another technique:

– Use a clothes pin on each of the six pressure points on the outer ear for five seconds. By putting pressure on the earlobe will relieve your headaches, while other pressure points on the outer ear will solve stomach problems, sinus pressure and back pain and shoulder.


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