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If You Notice Someone Wtih A Black Dot On The Palm, Call The Police!

Call the police immediately if you see someone which it has black point in the palm of your hand. The reason why you should call a policeman because the black dot means that the person is in some kind of trouble.

Viewable on Facebook a campaign under the name “Black Point Campaign”, that people began to him in order to be able to recognize victims of domestic abuse. The black point in his palm indicates a distress call.

This method is very simple but effective because victims of domestic violence with the black point in your plam that discreetly show that they are in danger. Now when you now, if you see someone with the black spot in your palm, feel free to call the police immediately

Those who organized this campaign, said: “The black point in hand. allows professionals who know you are a survivor of the very vulnerable domestic violence and who need help, but you can not ask, because the abuser is watching his every move. “

This campaign has reached more than 6,000 people worldwide and has already helped 6 women. In order to show support for all survivors of domestic violence and to spread the campaign, please send a picture of the hand with the black dot

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History domestic violence survivor :.

This story is about a pregnant woman whose baby’s father is very abusive both his words and his hands. She has been afraid for a long period of time, but even more so now when the baby comes. She explains how he never separated from her so she could not call for help. “I had to have a test so the consultant asked me to lie on the bed and pulled the curtain. I bent down and took the pen from his pocket, pulled out his hand to me and I wrote HELP ME. I do not have to say one word, “she says.

This woman was lucky and now is safe to see this excellent campaign. Says it is now safe because the consultant and campaign through the black point.

“Thanks, 1 week for my due date and I’m finally safe.”

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