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If You Have These Four Genes, You Will Live for 100 Years! (PHOTO)

Their habits do not affect the duration of its life; actually only it affects her genetic.

Experts from Stanford University have identified a group of about 800 centenarians and 5,400 nonagenarian to search for genes that could be a key factor in health and longevity.

Research has provided key genes that determine the rate of aging: ABO gene, which relates to a blood group type, CDKN2B extremely important for cell division gene, APOE gene, which refers to the tendency for Alzheimer’s disease, and sh2b3 gene in fruit flies, but also people can prolong life.

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Earlier researchers study confirm the hypothesis that there is a large overlap between genes, which are related disease of the elderly and the genes associated with the extremely long life. Power of the impact of these four genes analyzed later in another study conducted on a sample of 1,000 centenarians.

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Based on both the research team from Stanford University concluded that specific genes, largely determine the duration of life, and if the person at some point get certain diseases. Scientists say that 20 percent of people associated with longevity genes, and for those who live an extremely long time, this percentage is higher.

People with the ABO gene rarely suffer from heart disease, which are a major cause of death in developed countries. Those who have the old slowly CDKN2B gene and having an important role in the fight against cancer that occurs when cells become abnormal operation. In such cases, it has the ability to save lives.

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Scientific research shows that people need the four genes to stay healthy, even in very old age.

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