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If You Drink A Shot Of Tequila A Day, Here’s The Incredible Effect It Will Have On Your Body


Here is the article that you’ve been waiting for all party animals out there, or even nap hosts and hostesses frequent. The day I let you in on all the health benefits of drinking tequila!

However, it seems that your going to have to drop preconceived ideas about taking shots of tequila 10 to 10 seconds until plastering the drunk and waking up somewhere you did not intend the next day! The name of the game is to drink tequila slowly before lunch to boost your metabolism or after a meal to aid in digestion, with a glass of water shortly after.

After all, tequila that we often encounter is mixed with many other sugar alcohols that are not good for you at all, but the tequila actually comes from the same plant family as the agave and therefore has all the nutritional benefits of this particular group of plants when served “clean”!

Tequila is a probiotic!

The same reason why many people are quick to yogurt, its ability to retain healthy bacteria, is actually one of the reasons amazing tequila is ideal for you! Fructans, a sugar molecule found in a select agave and other super foods, is the source of probiotics! When taken occasionally then drink tequila can increase the amount of healthy bacteria in your intestines that help in digestion!

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Tequila stimulates insulin production!

The fructans I mentioned above are actually indigestible your body, and therefore acts as fiber. This means that although it is derived from a form of glucose (ie, a sugar) that actually passes through your system without causing an increase in blood sugar.

What this, coupled with his natural ability to stimulate insulin production means is that it can actually be enjoyed by diabetics or those who are watching your blood pressure!

Tequila can help in protecting the drugs needed for the colon!

This is a bit strange, but if you are taking any medication for your digestive system, fructans in tequila can actually form a protective barrier for the medicine reaches the colon before being ripped off by your stomach acids! This includes all taking the medication for Crohn’s disease, IBS, and colitis.

Tequila might just help you relax enough to overcome your insomnia!

The key word here is “relax” a small injection before bedtime can reduce anxiety you are experiencing and will help clear your mind before getting some much needed shut eye. Definitely not just drink any bottle of tequila out there, how to get the health benefits mentioned in this document is to drink “100% pure agave” tequila, otherwise the cheapest material will just make you pass out drunk and that is not the point here!

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