Sodium bicarbonate is one of the most versatile household products. It is not only a great cleaner and deodorizer, but also happens to be a very effective home remedy. Taken internally, a mixture of bicarbonate and water has the ability to cure a wide range of ailments naturally and effectively.

stomach acid is neutralized

The pH of your body quickly and easily with sodium bicarbonate is neutralized. Simply combine a half teaspoon of baking soda with a glass of water and drink. A processed diet can lead to an acid body, so that the alkalinity of sodium bicarbonate neutralizes this recalibration body pH. According to Dr. Otto Warburg, cancer cells can not thrive in an alkaline environment, preferring a more acidic body. This means that simply neutralize the pH of the stomach can completely change your health.

relieve heartburn

According to WebMD, heartburn is caused by the accumulation of acid. When this acid accumulates in the esophagus, a burning sensation is felt. This discomfort is commonly known as heartburn. Relieve discomfort immediately with sodium bicarbonate, which neutralizes the acid in the source, which provides immediate relief.

get rid of a urinary tract infection

Bacteria thrive in an acidic environment. Prevent it from spreading by drinking baking soda water every day until he moved ICU. Livestrong recommends a teaspoon of baking soda dissolved in a glass of water, but warns that this can not eliminate the problem entirely. Seek medical treatment if symptoms persist.

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caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the body, gout is a disease in which the joints become inflamed. Combat this with a mixture of baking soda to stop the accumulation of acid in the body.

treat a cold or flu

According to Dr. Mercola, sodium bicarbonate has been used to treat the symptoms of cold and flu since the early 1920. these results are summarized in a magazine published by arm and hammer in 1924, stating that time when sodium bicarbonate is detected could effectively eliminate these viruses in the body, usually in a matter of days. Recommended doses outlined by Arm and Hammer in 1925 were as follows:

Day 1 :. Take six doses of half a teaspoon of baking soda mixed with fresh water every day at two-hour intervals

Day 2 :. Take four doses of the same mixture of every day, around the same intervals

Day 3: Take two doses of the mixture, one in the morning and one at night. Continue taking a daily dose until symptoms have disappeared.

Kidney stone SOCORRO

Kidney stones are often caused by a buildup of uric acid. By drinking water baking soda, you can allow the stones to dissolve, while preventing the formation of new ones. Of course, it is best to seek advice from a medical professional if problems persist.

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greater physical performance

In this video, doctors discuss how baking soda water really can improve physical performance. The alkalinity of sodium bicarbonate works to reduce levels of lactic acid produced by the muscles, allowing athletes to train harder and longer.

PRIMA: low stomach acid test

Livestrong suggests this easy test if you suspect that low stomach acid. Mix a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in 8 ounces of water and drink. If burp within 5 minutes, the acid levels are probably fine. For more accurate results, do it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. It is important to have stomach acid because if you have a low amount may mean that you are malnourished proteins, which can lead to illness and disease. Low stomach acid can also lead to acidic blood that can be very serious, because the acidic blood can rob your body of minerals from other parts, such as bones and lead to osteoporosis. If you are suspicious of issues, visit a doctor for a thorough test.

Source: http://healthadvisorgroup.com/

The SI BUrp 5 minutes of drinking baking soda WATER, here it is what appeared for the first time in My life with good vision health .

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