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If you are being attacked by “flying” virus. See the symptoms and how to treat!

In many European countries is an epidemic, every moment expected the Ministry of Health to officially declare in any country. The flu has not yet arrived in our land, but the call. by doctors “fly” virus hits thousands of patients per day. Most patients are in Eastern Europe. The virus is very contagious and if the room or office has at least one sneezing and coughing is almost certain that everyone around you will get sick. Doctors explain the exceptional agility of the new virus, which is transmitted through the air way that people do not have immunity to it. Without being influenza, the symptoms of the disease it causes, resembles influenza.

The viral infection is an innocent throat irritation and sneezing inherent to the common cold. After them, the infection starts in the bronchi and began a long and painful cough. Many of the affected temperature increase, have been released, but mistakenly keep going to work and use public transport. Thus infected relatives and strangers.


Two dangerous virus injuries “fly”, according to research. First serious complication is more than 60% of infected people – who develop pneumonia. Therefore, lung rooms hospitals in many countries are filled with patients. And secondly – the immunity of patients severely diminished, and we still have flu epidemic. According to doctors at the first signs of the disease should go to the doctor not to treat themselves with vitamins and drugs advertised on TV as aspirin, paracetamol, analgin and others. If The cough does not go away , you take an antibiotic.

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