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HYDROTHERAPY – How it works & The Benefits

Water has been one of the most effective elements in the fight against diseases and injuries since ancient times. Hydrotherapy, also called as hydropathy involves using water for pain relief and treatment. There are a lot of drugs available on the market that can treat almost any health problems, but nothing better than a natural treatment that uses water!

HYDROTHERAPY - How it works & The Benefits What exactly HIDROTERAPIA?

Hydrotherapy is nothing but water use for the treatment of various health services, skin and joint problems. You are required to do special exercises in a warm water pool. The water temperature is usually 33-36 ° C (but less for the therapy of cold water), which is warmer and, unlike a typical swimming pool. A physical therapist can show you how to do exercises and exercises may vary according to your health problem.

Any of the whole body is immersed in hot / cold or attractions, such as the hips, arms, legs, water etc. They are submerged in water during specific time intervals.


moisture vapor, either hot or cold control our ability to cure sweating and perspiration. Moist heat can make you sweat thus eliminating toxins from the body and maintaining body temperature. cold vapors can reduce inflammation, decrease sweating for cold compress and regulate blood flow to the area. Tips pain relief without medication >>

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traditional hydrotherapy involves submerging the body in cold / hot water, but now in day techniques have improved and reach several other easy ways to do this therapy.

showers or baths

A simpler way of doing hydrotherapy taken right hot or cold shower in your bathroom without having to do anything special to him! Doing this way hydrotherapy is beneficial to the feeling of malaise, have severe pain cold soft body, mild sprain, etc. To do this, simply take a hot bath / or a hot shower and after it finished, turn off the hot water and soon first with cold water on his forehead and then back, for about five seconds each.


hot and cold compresses is the most simple and widely used technique. Only a thick towel and some water is needed with the appropriate temperature (either hot or cold). This technique is beneficial for muscle aches, body aches, joint pain, arthritis, muscle spasms, headaches, etc. Simply wet the towel in water, drain the water and place the towel neatly folded in the area of ​​interest. Repeat as necessary.


If your body craves hydrotherapy with cold water, nothing can be beneficial to swim in cold water. You need anyway exercise is done in the water, and swimming can be a safe alternative if you have no access to the physiotherapist. Although, be sure to do this only for a limited time.

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